Monday, May 21, 2012

Etsy finds of the week A Spa Moment

I love to go to a spa! Who doesn't?
But if you are short on $ and time, you can have a spa moment at home! 
Easy, free, no rush and you can pamper yourself and your friends! 

You wan to know how to create a spa moment?
Easy decorate the spa area with a cute rug! 
Like this one that I found on Etsy 

My spa recipes: 
MIX:  1cup brown sugar, 1cup raw oatmeal and 1cup olive oil 
Apply on dry skin in circle motion with your hands. 

Be good to your feet! 

MIX  2 gallon warm water with flower petals ( I love rose petals :), 1 cup of rock salt and
a few drops of essential oil ( I love lavender and lemon)  2 Table spoons of baking soda
After that put some relaxing funky socks on, like these from 
It can be a perfect welcome gift for a spa party! 

As a facial you can use these colorful funky facial scrubs! 
For more info visit the shop! 

My facial recipe! 

MIX Lemon juice, sugar and olive oil to a paste. Rub on face and neck! Relax, chat and have a Margarita with your girls! :) 
Wash off with warm water and moisturize!

Now for a great Spa Moment, you need a great one of a kind invitation! 
I created this design for you and your friends. 

You can find more info about in my shop!

Enjoy and stay Vogue! 


  1. Beautiful finds! Thank you so much for including one of my rugs.

  2. Hello! I am grateful to you on the comments on my blog! I am very pleased that you regularly visit my blog! I really enjoy reading your blog! you have great taste and wonderful photos! kiss


    1. Thank you so much Diana! I try my best to keep it interesting!:)

  3. Beautiful finds and illustration!
    Must try that scrub!



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