Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pinterest ....Oh Pinterest

Pinterest... oh Pinterest I enjoyed you a little while....
YOU freaking scare me!

Now tearful deleting my boards click by click....

And gone...

What's next?

I guess to delete the account, if you do not change your terms and conditions! 
Please read this little article and make sure you are safe! 

And have a quick read in this article! 

No more pinning for me for a long, long time now!

Soon RIP!?

 What's your opinion on it?

Stay Vogue! 


  1. Will have to check out the links, thanks, darling!


  2. Thanks for posting! :)

  3. I will read your links.

    I know that we all got emails saying things had changed. I have not been to Pinterest since then. I used to spend entirely too much time there!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies


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