Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introducing....The Mond Tree by Eva Delgado

Today I have the pleasure to introduce to all of you a wonderful brand from Northern Africa! The Mood Tree is a one of a kind hat brand. The force behind the wonderful hat designs is Eva Delgado.

Please introduce yourself....

My name is Eva Delgado and I'm from Ceuta, a small Spanish city located in Northern Africa. Since childhood I have been very creative and was always changing my hobbies, until I learned millinery. I love to make headpieces, hats, bags,and jewelry like necklaces and bracelets that compliments every woman.

What made you open an Etsy shop?

I was using Etsy for seven years as a buyer. I love Etsy, there are many people in the world doing amazing things and the best is that it's international, which for the type of product I design is very important. I believe in Etsy and that I can sell my designs, so I decided to open my own Etsy shop.

Why hats and what is your favorite material to work with?

Making hats is almost like sculpting in ceramics but without the dirty hands! It's like designing a dress with a simple piece of fabric superimposed on a mannequin... It's an unknown  start! You will never know how the finish product will end up in the vast majority of time. For me it's very rewarding.

When ever I finish a design I surprise myself. They are beautiful and it gives me a great feeling to make women more elegant.

When my clients come to my studio, and start models testing, they change the facial expression, stretch the body, a transformation starts in front of the  mirror.... I love that!

A wedding is a very important event specially if it's of a son or daughter. The styling must be impeccable, so a hat is a must!

To me, all materials are good, although I prefer silk, sisol, straw, and the famous sinamay. I have learned that the famous sinamay has it's time and place that can't be changed!

The market is full of headpieces, usually  made of poor quality sinamay. They are very cheap and for a while I thought that I would not use this material. I realized that it is impossible not to use! There are hats that must be made of sinamay, but quality sinamay of course! It works well on larger hats for Spring and Summer.

I love working with feathers, making feather flowers, silk flowers petal by petal.

Where else can we find your designs?

You can find me here on Etsy
and I have my own webpage

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I do not know where I will be with my brand in 5 years. I hope to have good sales on Etsy and I would love to prepare a collection for Madrid fashion week!

If you are on Twitter like Eva check her page out and follow! I did! 
Also go to Facebook and give her a like! 

Stay Vogue and wear a hat! 


  1. Those are really pieces of art!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  2. thank you Erena! I follow your blog.

  3. Amazing pieces and interview!
    I need a new hat!


  4. Nice pieces!

  5. These hats are very cute! I very much regret that now the ladies do not wear hats. Sometimes I really want to)))


  6. They're like pieces of art. I love them!


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