Monday, November 9, 2009

What´s in your make up bag?

 Make up, make up, make up.... I still need to get a new make up bag but I show you what I  put inside. What you need to know first of all is that I do not use a lot of make up. So tell me what I should add to my bag. I have two categories make up day and I´m so not in the mood for it, really!!!

Ok now let´s see what we deal with:
- Zewa softies or wet tissues but I ran out of it at the moment:)
-band aid just in case you know new shoes girls!
-ruby rose make eye shadows ( for travel coz it´s small)
-Jade Maybelline eye shadow in clear brown and bronze shine
- revlon for the nails
-Maybelline DEFINE - A- LASH mascara
-Victoria´s Secret Love Spell  Body Mist  I love it
- simple double mirror (by the way I need to get a new tweezer)
-L´oréal Accords Naturels Collection no 241 orchidée
-Zandu balm for neck pain or when i feel I mid catch a cold
-Shiseido powder B20
-Burt´s Bees Lip Balm for cold days and nights
-nail clipper and buffer
-my mint foot gel for tired feet
-toothbrush for my eyebrows
-my garnier bodyrepair ( in a red container usually)  
 -and finaly my back pain killer self made balm

Ok now let me show you what I put on when I´m so not in the mood!

- Fendi shades
-L´oréal lipstick or Burt´s Bees balm
-Victoria´s Secret of course ( I can´t do without!!!)
-Tiger balm ( I use the white balm, it´s clear on your skin/ it´s good for a head ache and when you are in a hot room and need a fresh breeze)

What I need to add are a few new eye shadows by MAC and I´m still looking for Shahnaz Hussain kajal.

So what´s in your bag? What do you think should I add to my products?


  1. I my bag I carry ony: lipstick set from Channel,mini spray dior,rimmel from YR and powder from max factor.
    the other make ups I keep them at home.I take more only when I go in hollidays

  2. Hey there. Nice post. Happy Sunday. Hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

  3. Maybelline is the best mascara there is. And you have band-aids... better be ready in case of minor cuts and bruises... a real trooper.

  4. Hah, my make-up bag is a joke! (Well, not the bag itself. It's actually fairly spiffy - it's a black faux suede hat-box looking makeup box.) However, as for its contents, it's all a mish-mosh of samples and old cheap makeup. The only things I know for sure that I use are...

    - Armani Code - parfum
    - Lancome mascara (right now I switch between Hypnose and Definicils)
    - Rosebud Salve for lips (it is the BEST chapstick. I have wanted for no other and it also works as a good lip gloss without all the stickiness)
    - Chanel Noir eyeliner
    - Clinique posie blush set
    - Lancome eye shadow palette

    I have no foundation, press powder, or tinted moisturizer whatsoever. I can't find anything to match nor look good. As it stands right now, I actually look worse with foundation ON!

  5. pudra cu minerale de la l'oreal este favorita mea, genele false, un blush maybelline si un gloss natural... cam acesta este arsenalul meu... efectul este garantat!!

  6. To Lovely: Ma bucur ca raspunzi pe blogul meu:)Imi place ce ai in geanta, sigur in concediu ai mai mult la tine, normal.

    To Keith: Thanks had a good weekend. So what´s in your make up bag ? Just kidding...:))

    To Leah: Yeah love the mascara from Maybelline. I always have band aids with me. Every single time when I do not have them with me I need one...

    To The Lady Nerd: Dear, I like your make up box. Never tried the mascara from Lancome. Rosebund Salve have to google it to see how it looks never tried. Maybe I get it when we are in the US next time. Chanel Noir eyeliner is that the liquid one? I have a hard time using the liquid one. Yes, me to I look older with foundation on. Went in a make up store one day and this over powderd lady wanted to put make up on me and I tell you I looked crazy with the foundation on. She started to put moisturing lotion on my face. It was not really in my skin and she started to put the foundation on. I looked like 40 already....
    If you look for powder go and look the Shisheido line it´s soft and light on your skin and covers good.

    To Mary: Nu am folosit niciodata gene false. Imi plas glossurile la nebunie. Multumesc ptr comentariu:)

  7. Wow, I am impressed! Till now I thought that I used to carry a lot of make up in my bag!

  8. To Meraldia: Don´t be impressed I do not carry all the make up with me;) every day. Thank you for the comment. Have a nice day.

  9. i do not even have a makeup bag. it's my first time seeing a kajal item fashioned like that. so brilliant.

    thanks for stopping by at my blog. i think it's either extrovert or introvert, not internet extrovert or internet introvert :)

  10. To Tom Tuttle from Tacoma: Thank you for visiting my blog. :) Nice to read your comment. I wish you a great day.


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