Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November, november...

November, november november....Why are you so cold, so wet, so windy?
I do not like you, I do not want you,
You make me freeze, you make me catch a cold.
I need to wear heavy clothes!
I hate the onion look.
We will never be friends, for sure!
You are the worst time of the year!
You take the leaves away you make everything muddy.
One day you are sunny and warm, the next day you are cold as ice.
November, november, november... Why are you so cold, so wet, so windy?
Oh november, november you have just three cool moments
One is , the movie Sweet November,
Two is, November Rain by Gun's'Roses
Three is, soon you go..............................
                                                                      By, MOI

What about you? What month bugs you?

(Photos by artist Karina Balea-Raitz)


  1. Amen to that! I detest much of anything that makes me cold. Then again, hot isn't such a great thing either. Guess that's why I'm such an indoors gal. :)

  2. Awww! November would be so heart-broken to read that!...I find December worse....the cold in novenber is atleast tolerable here!

  3. Those pictures of the sky are gorgeous!

  4. I actually dislike January usually for some reason.

  5. Beautiful pics!
    I love November because my birthday is on 11/11... but I can't stand February!


  6. i like november b'cos my girl friends birthday is der

  7. To Lady Nerd: I understand you very good :)I love indoor, ditto dear.

    To Noble Beeyotch: I guess all depends wher you are from. I guess nov in hawaii is great ;) but here not that fun

    To camelcutza: Multumesc am sa ii spun! O sa se bucure.

    To Timeless Fashion..: Great you like the pictures I will tell the artist about. She will be happy!

    To Keith: Well January is not a good buddy either, right on my brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr list.

    To Couture Carrie: I understand sure when it´s your B´day sure you like it, maybe I would 2. February brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr month 2 I understand you a lot. I will tell my sister you like her work. She will be very :)

    To Naveen: Ok that I understand. I wish her a happy B´day:)

  8. I feel the exact same way. November makes me depressed. Well, pretty much every month in the winter makes me depressed. Haha. Lovely post.

  9. you have to love november..time for thanksgiving, family, warmth, all that good stuff!!!
    love the shots as well darling
    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments

    check out my blog @

  10. The cold months force us to love them because they bring us the holidays. *sigh* I'd say I dislike March...the end of the cold months for us and not one good thing about it!

  11. November I can handle. By the time January and February gets here I'm usually pretty beaten down...

  12. I agree, November is my least favorite, although February is pretty bad too... by that time I usually just wish it were Spring already. Today is particularly cold and depressing though...

    Lovely blog by the way!

  13. To Jennifer Fabulous: Yes winter is really depressing. Well let´s hope for the best. Great post by the way.

    To CMA:Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a great blog, ;) I like it. Well we do not celebrate thanksgiving and time for family is every month in my family.

    To Nikki: Yeah holiday... you have a point;)

    To Tights Lover: Ditto, January and February are not really on my list. By the way great post.

    To The Haute-Shopper: Yes you are right January is bad too. Thank you for visiting my blog:)

  14. I call the month of november,"grey November", for a reason!

    Yes it does turn cold and desaturate all of the lovely colours from the Autumn landscape and gardens, yet for me the only comfort is to hunker down and plan my Christmas festivities and decor; though I'm not all all one for the "hurdy, girdy" of the season!
    Therefore I do love just to celebrate on my own terms, forgeting the sometimes crass commercialism..,

    I enjoy the season of lights, because I think that we as human beings, surely in part, have embraced these celebrations as a way of cheering the human soul during these bleak winter months!.., For that reason, I can tolerate, yet certainly not love, the greys and as you say, muddy colours of grey November!.., I really enjoyed that well written poem , by the way!..,

    Thanks for your lovely comment on the Plumed Pen blog; glad you enjoyed it!..,

    Cheers from Silken Purse

  15. Oh, I SO AGREE!!!! So much so that this post could have been written by me! Truth be told, winter is a very difficult time for me. I hate being cold and don't feel like doing anything when its so horrid outside (i guess cause originally im from florida where its always nice).

  16. I don't particularly have any month that bugs me, maybe jan? Cos it's the start of a new year, and i am usually like clueless? Haha!

    Cheers to November Rain by Gun's'Roses!


  17. To silk purse: Yes, grey november that´s good.Like the season of light it´s very nice. Thank you very much for your great comment. You have a nice blog.

    To Heavenly Housewife: I see you are not a winter person, ditto. Poor you I bet you miss Florida a lot. I´m a summer child and love summer like crazy. :)

    To Fee-AMore: Thank you for your comment. Like your blog.:)

  18. awww...I love winter, but then again I live in the south and it doesn't get THAT cold. July is my least favorite month because it's sooooo HOT! Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog!

  19. Lovely post... I love November because it gets to be cold in the tropics. So with December and January. I want to hate April because that is summer in the tropics but it is my birthday month.

  20. Hey!...where have you been?...hope all's well....waiting for your new post!

  21. I like it not too cold and not too hot. This is why I love Autumn! You keep warm and dry.
    Stay fabulous! :)

  22. To Noble Beeyotch: Yes thank you all is ok:) Thank you for asking. My new post will be today. I like your new post idea.

    To lancelonie: You have a great blog. Well I´m a summer child. Have a nice weekend. :)


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