Tuesday, November 10, 2009

20 years of freedom .....

Today, November 9th 2009........... 20 years of freedom. Vest and East as One. Germany is celebrating the fall of the Wall. 20 years ago East Germany ment no freedom, no choise, no free travel etc... Every opinion outside the box was equal  to  prison,  death etc...
Still today in Berlin you see the trace of the Wall.

Some still live with the wall in  mind. Each side has an opinion about the other. Still the  talk in the news sounds like that the wessis and the ossis. I hate it. I was not born in Germany and I see the difference  they still make. They do not treat each other equal, sure on the surface all looks good. But the salaries are not equal , vest is still higher ratred as the east      ( same working hours :( ...)
I guess it will take a few more years till I will not hear east and vest. I know I´m not alone with this opinion but it´s a bit of a forbitten under the carpet topic. In these 20 years the Wall was always an issue. The history was always part of almost daily life. The healing process takes time. I live in East Germany now but as we moved to Germany we lived in the Vest. To me it´s always been One. But the older I got and I understood more I have lived to see huge gaps between the two. Sad. I´m happy the Wall felt. Let freedom ring .... I know what it means to live in a country with no freedom of speech, no freedom to think, to live the way you want.

Berlin is a great city, the capital of Germany,   fresh, international, open-minded, hip and cool. A city of fun, of culture, of music, of political power, of art, of fashion, of hope, of freedom, of history.....   Berlin is like two brothers that  found each other 20 years ago....

We all can just learn from the past and try to make the future better with each step we take. For us, for our children, for humanity, freedom, dignity and respect ... Berlin you are one, Germany you are one....


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog,


    Even week another photo album

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  2. wow, such an inspirational post! and the chucky films were awesome ;)


  3. What an interesting post, really liked reading your views.

    Thank you for adding DJA to your reading list, hope you enjoy it.

  4. Interesting post coming from one that lives in Germany... I always dream of visiting Germany just to look at that wall.

  5. You are right! We can definitely learn from our past... Great post :)

    xo Laura

  6. Gorgeous and heartfelt post, darling!


    P.S. Love Posh's new haircut!!

  7. To Ivo Serentha and Friends: Thank you very much for visiting my blog:)

    To Sugar: I like your blog:) Thank you for your comment.

    To Dustjacket Attic: Thank you, I felt like writting about:) Really enjoy your blog;)

    To MAISON CHAPLIN. Thanks, :)

    To Leah: :) Maybe you can visit Germany one day and go to Berlin. I bet you love it.

    To Laura Trevey: Thank you for visiting my blog:) Yes I wish it could happen more often that we learn from the past. :)

    To Couture Carrie: Thank you dear!:) As always I enjoy your post.

  8. So nice to hear the opinion of someone who knows what it means. Being so far away, it's easy to only get the media's point of view. This puts some meaning behind it for me, instead of just another date in history. Thanks!

  9. This was such a wonderful post!

  10. To Nikki: Thank you very much for reading my post. The media´s point of view today is really narrow. You get to see what they want you to see.
    :) Thank you for your great comment!

    To Athena: Thank you for visiting my blog:)


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