Thursday, November 12, 2009

The lost symbol.....

Have you read anything by Dan Brown so far? If not, you need to start! The Da Vinci Code was amazing same as Angels & Demons and now The Lost Symbol.
 Page by page you dive deep into secrets and Rober Langdon´s third adventure full of mystery, thriller, art and history. 
I love the book. It was a pleasure to read every single chapter. I love the differnt book covers. They all look great. 


 I have the last cover the german version of it. Did you read the book? And if yes,  how do you like it? How does the cover look  in your country? 


  1. I've read the Davinci code and I like the author's style..thank you for the tipp! I'll buy this one too when I've got the chance!

  2. Our cover here is the first photo. I bought the book and I'll start reading it real soon. I've read both the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. I'm hooked with Dan Brown's masterpieces.

  3. Never read any of them yet, but hear they are fab!

  4. Isn't Dan just awesome....i have read all his books except for the Lost Symbol. I have heard that it is too good...i will check it out when i get a little time off from university.

    I am reading your previous entries and what do i see?...a pic of the perfect kaajal in the world and sits on my shelf too. It was such a nice surprise for me!

  5. I just bought this book recently but have not read it yet. I can't wait to get started. I love all Brown's other books. :)

  6. Haven't read anything by DB yet. I think I'll have to...I keep hearing good things about him.

  7. To Lovely: Cu placere, si mie imi place stilul autorului la nebunie. Se citeste asa de usor si de repede. Fiecare carte e plina de suspans.

    To Leah: Yeah, cool cover. I´m hooked like you he writes very good. I enjoy every line.

    To Heavenly Housewife: Once you start to read one book by Brown you want to read more. I just love his easy fab style:)

    To Noble Beeyotch: Believe me you will enjoy the new book. It´s just great:)

    To Jennifer Fabulous: Ok then enjoy! You will love it;)

    To Couture Carrie: You will love it, I promise:)

    To Tights Lover: Yeah he writes amazing, love his style. You should read all his books step by step. ;) You will love it.


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