Friday, November 13, 2009

LA, Dennis the Manace and my first $...

Hi bloggers,
I hope you all have a great day!:) Today I made 27 cents on the blog.... It´s the  worst 'salary' I ever had. Sure, I give it time many I make a buck till end of the year ;) you never know LOL!!!
Speaking of salaries and jobs once upon a time I was an Au Pair and that was an experience! I can tell you it made me seriously to reconsider ever having children! I´m cool now about but back then it was crazy. I had to take care of 3 little monsters, I just finished A-Levels ( High School ) in Germany and wanted to do something else then go straight to university. I was still very obsessive to be in touch academicly that I went to fashion college in LA California.
So imagine during the day I was doing everything that a mum does. Cooking, cleanig, playing, washing, homework, play dates, B'day parties, teaching, singing, etc....
So from the start... Phone is ringing: 'Hey, may I speak to Lorena, please?
Yes, on the phone how can I help you?
My name is Ingrid Delfuss ( to protect the real person ;) all names have been changed ) and we are the family that would like to have you as an Au Pair for our children.
Ok great! I was happy 'coz it was a fast deal. I just applied to be an Au Pair few weeks ago.
Ok, Lorena we have 3 kids. Two boys and a girl.
That´s great ! ( You people should have seen my face, kodak moment! 3? Ok, easy ! )
Ok Ingrid, that is fab. So may I ask how old they are? - The only think I was hopping for that they were not tooooooooooooooo crazy.
The nice lovely happy voice said: Jazz is 12, Parker 5 and Jason will be 2 soon. Pause.
Suddently a male voice! 'Good evenig, Lorena! How are you ?
Not bad, at all ...., as far as I remember that was my answer. That was her funny hubby Rick.
OK so I would be living for one year with the Delfuss family. An adventure will start for me very soon.
I got the call one  week before my final exams. All was sorted out. Mum and dad in panic,  'coz I leave the house go over the big pond as we call it in Germany and live together with stangers and need to be a babysitter. Keep in mind I never had to take care of kids or have anything to do with them. Now, do not ask yourself what in the world I was thinking 'coz all I wanted is to see the States and get to know other people smell  university air and earn some money in beautiful California.Sure I was very interested to know how it is to take care of kids. And to me that was a good deal you take care of them, gain some experience, see how it goes so you know later what it means to have kids and  be a mother in a way.
I sit in a plane on the way to NY. September 11 was still fresh not even one year went by. The atmosphere was depressing. Anyway after  two weeks in NY(were we suppose to learn all about the American Child
( like they are not all the same,huh!!?? - they all love to play in dirt and with water, all cry, all look cute and need a diaper change, a hug and a good night story...) , we went to our 'new family'. California sun, I´m on my way!!!!
I sit in my seat and i hold in my hands the family file that I got really fast ( 2 minutes before I found my seat!)
Ok let´s read....... Looks good so far
Jazz loves music,  archeology, xena etc.... She´s a girl easy to deal with ... (Forget it dear friends, keep in mind, you are the generation without mobile phones, internet and chat rooms....)
Parker 5 loves dragonball Z candy etc.... Parker is a mixture of Dennis the  Manace that loves Jackie Chan
OMG... please let me out of this damn plane I´m thinking... I´m dealing with a 5 year old violent punk.... And what in the worls is dragonball Z?

My cartoon update was stuck in the walt disney time where Tom and Jerry were the main artists and Micky Mouse and Pluto were the hit of the week. I´m so old........................
I arrive at John Wayne airport and all is good, the first impression is not bad. I like them and they like me. Parker is quite so not like Dennis! Jason is great. I liked  him till today and ask myself how he is. He was like a sponge wanted to know everything and learned fast. At the age of 2 he knew how to count in French, German, and Romanian. I did a great job with him. With Parker I had cold and warm days till we got to know each other better. We just had to warm up! And Jazz was very difficult to me puberty drama and more drama...
Anyway I woke up at 6 made the food for the kids and got them ready for school and kingergarden etc... did all what a mother would actually do. After a long, long, very long day I got ready for university for 5 in the evenig late (22.00) I was studying fashion design. Late in my new home I did my reports deep  at night, went to bed etc... the next day the same game over and over again.
I began to understand mum and to appreciate her more. She was so great with us. I learned a lot to understand teenagers and small kids.
Anyway my salary was 140$  a week ! WOW ! I did not left Germany with high A - Levels in my pockets to work for 140 $. The money was not important to me it was the experience and the new adventure and seeing something new, see how other people live.
I grew up in a communiste country and to go to the US was like a dream come true. Veni, vidi, vici.....
So that was my first real job with 140 $ in my pockets ( had a car that I could use, had no bills to pay, no rent  to worry about weekends full of fun, and my family back home who payed my university fees) Life was good, fun, stressful, crazy with spoiled kids under the hollywood hills.
When I look back now I´m glad about this experience..... and do not worry I consider kids again....
So how was your first job? As crazy as mine?


  1. Hi sweet dear, thank you very much for your lovely comment, it's wonderful to make your acquaintance.

    My first job - beyond babysitting and things of that nature when I was just a kid myself - was as a waitress at a restaurant in a historical gold rush era ghost town when I was 16. The hours were long, the pay was awful, but the experience was priceless. I was so happy to have my first "real" job(at 16), I think I would have worked for free :D

    Thank you again, I hope you're having a fantastic week!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow. That is a great story. I loved it.

    My first job was just a data entry position. Not at all exciting compared to yours!!

  3. This is a great story and a really different experience for you.

  4. LOL.... LOL.... i loved, 3 monsters.... LOL... omg.... i loved.... hey... my first job was as crazy as yours... but not with children. kisses sweety, im following u... kisses... great story

  5. Wow. That was quite a story. I loved it. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I've never known anybody who did that for a job.

  6. This was very've made my day a better one!thanks

  7. :D Funny post! My first job was working in a kids clothing store when i was in high school. It was kinda boring but it made me less shy, so it was a good experience. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. *Kisses* HH

  8. To Jessica Cangiano: Thank you for visiting and reading my blog:) I´m glad you had a good time reading my little story;) I was great to know something about you, by the way you have a cool blog:)

    To Tights Lover:Thanks :) for the nice comment.

    To Leah: Yes, it is ;) thank you for the nice comment.

    To being fashion is...: Thank you for your nice comment. I enjoy your blog. I´m glad you like my story. Welcome to my blog family. :)

    To Keith: Good you like the story. I´m glad you had fun. Yes it is quite popular in Europe.

    To Lovely: Imi pare bine ca ti-am facaut ziua mai buna cu mica mea poveste:)

    To Heavenly Housewife: I´m glad you like my post. Great to hear from your 1st job. Everything happens for a reason.... Hugs, Lorena

  9. Ciao, how are you? J'aime your comment, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!

    "I've tried to find a new elegance. It's not easy because people want to be shocked. They want explosive fashion. But explosions don't last, they disappear immediately and leave nothing but ashes."- Giorgio Armani


  10. Congrats on your blog $!
    My first jon was so fun ~ I was a confectioner at a chocolate shop!


  11. Nice Blog!
    -The Trensy Fashionista

  12. To Maison Chaplin: Thank you very much for your comment. Wish you a great weekend.Like the Giorgio:)

    To Couture Carrie: Sounds like fun your 1st job chocolate shop yummmmmmmmmmmmy :)

    To The Trendy Fashionista: Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you a great day:)

  13. Haha! Au Pair, huh? My first job is currently on, at 15. I'm a blogger for Vogue India, fashion journalist for Models and Moguls and Haute Mimi International, fashion editor for Liberating Style, the online magazine, style and fashion features editor at Watch Gossip Girl, have my own blog of course, contributing editor at Fashion Tribes, etc. etc.

    Haha :P Though, of course, not all of them pay! Only a few.


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