Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hula-hoop bag by Chanel....

Remember the Hula- hoop?
Well thanks to Karl Lagerfeld it's back in fashion!
Not only back in fashion but with style.
The runway in Paris is always a wonderful surprise. 
Did you ever image that this simple Hula- hoop could be transformed into a stylish bag?

What do you think?
I love it! 

Enjoy and be original! 
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  1. Fun and funky. Really love that old photo you found of the hula hoopers too!

  2. Absolutely love this bag!
    So creative!


  3. lol wtf..creative my ass you mothafuckaz are losin your brains...

  4. When I saw this bag I thougnt it's so different but exquisite! have you seen the new brand that brings fashion to our homes? By Koket, a must see!

  5. LoL that bag is crazy! Love it!


  6. I love it! Perfect for yoga! Love to see it as a backpack!


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