Monday, October 1, 2012

Etsy finds of the week.... Oktoberfest!

October is here and it's time for the famous Oktoberfest. This time of the year it's wonderful in Germany and the world is coming to Munich to celebrate the beer, famous food and pretzels! It's time for Oktoberfest! 

Today in my Etsy finds of the weeks, it's all about Oktoberfest!

Get ready for the Oktoberfest with Etsy!

You will need some funky German pants!

Visit the store for more designs.

How about a vintage beer mug with pitcher?

And do not forget to accessorize! 

Funky Pretzel Brooch! 
Check out the rest of the shop. 

Dirndl love...

Get in the mood for the Oktoberfest with a great print.

For more art visit the shop please!

Enjoy the Oktoberfest and be original with Etsy. 


  1. Thanks for your visit! I like so much Munich... from which you come, do I say correct? Kisses from Italy! Cheers

  2. Ciao :)
    Prego! Bienvenuto a mi blog. :) I love Munich. I am from North Germany but live in Australia. :)

  3. Hi,dear:-)*

    Thank you so much for your visit and your absolutely touching me woords!!!

    I want to have so great talent as you! Fabulous alive drawings amking me always happy!

    Wish you wonderful week,my dear friend,

  4. Lovely Blog! Adding your blog to my list. xox


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