Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introducing....Valiant Beauty

I discovered  a wonderful shop! Like all women I have a weakness for beauty products and this shop is amazing! The owner Sarah offers vegan cosmetics and has great colors!
Sarah is creating  the makeup herself and I am a proud owner of her makeup!

We had a short  collaboration where I was creating her Etsy shop banner and the logo design for her wonderful company. You can see the logo design on the top of the jar. The illustration is perfect to represent this unique brand. Once you try Valiant Beauty you are hooked!

Sarah made some wonderful makeup for me! Check it out! This is Lorena Gold Eye Shadow. Quite exiting since I never had somebody actually creating a makeup for me!
I love it! And so will you!
It comes in a gorgeous little jar.

Let's talk eye shadows...

Please introduce yourself...

My name is Sarah. I create Valiant Beauty out of pure love of makeup ( and a slight addiction). I just graduated high school in 2011. I have a strong passion for animals and their rights. I've been vegetarian since I was 12 years old. I just recently made the switch to Vegan a month ago.

Why makeup and what makes your makeup so special?

I've always wanted to be a makeup artist and I love creating things. But ideally I would much rather sell makeup for others to use. My makeup is special because I create each eye shadow individually. I use ingredients that are specially meant to help make the eye shadow smooth, longer lasting and pigmented. Plus all my ingredients are never tested on animals and are vegan. So cruelty- free all the way:) !

 Who would you like wearing your eye shadows?

As for celebrities I don't really have a 'wish list'. But I love seeing my friends and family wearing my make up. It makes me happy that people enjoy my products just as much as I do.

How do you promote your Etsy shop and where else can we purchase your eye shadows?

I promote my Etsy shop buy joining teams and participating in the forums. I also do weekly ads on Etsy to get more exposure. As of right now Etsy is the only place I sell my items. I would eventually love to get my own website and sell products there.

What is the biggest makeup mistake women make and what is your signature look?

I think the biggest makeup mistake women make is not taking risk. I see so many people wear he same look over and over. They never switch it up. My signature look is usually bold and bright colors that most people wouldn't chance wearing. I love mixing colors that usually wouldn't go together and making them work.

I love the Sweet Cotton pink Eye Shadow! 

Check out the gorgeous Rosemary Eye Shadow! 

 It feels wonderful on the skin, it's safe, gorgeous and very feminine.

You can find more about makeup and eye shadows right on her you tube page!
Check it out and  learn more about makeup!

Go give her a big LIKE on Facebook!

And check out her Etsy shop!

Sarah offers gorgeous colors and my favorite so far are of course Lorena ( I just love gold makeup!) and the Purple Glamour. 
Please contact Sarah and find out about her new makeup line! 


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  2. I just adore that sage meets mint green hue, it's so fresh yet timelessly beautiful.

    ♥ Jessica

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