Friday, August 24, 2012

Etsy finds of the week- Funky necklaces

Today I want to introduce to all of you some wonderful shops. It's all about great one of a kind necklaces.
Are you ready to discover some beautiful accessories?
I hope so....

Let's start!

If you like locks.... this is the perfect necklace for you! 
It goes great with jeans or with a wonderful LBD. 
Don't you just love the details?

For more details visit the shop! 

This gorgeous piece is truly unique and so much fun to wear! 
Look at this gorgeous purse necklace and the beautiful details....
I love the lace design and the antique feeling of it. 

If you want to find more out about this vintage piece visit the shop below. 

If you like a more contemporary look, how about a touch of red?
It is wonderful because you can make it shorter or longer. 
I love the silver beads. Casual or elegant you can't go wrong with this design.

Check out the store and admire more designs!

Circles are always fun to me and very expressive- like this necklace. 
A great composition with a modern design. 

If you want to find more circle or oval shapes visit the shop!

I discovered the shop a while ago and admire the craftsman  work on the purse details. 
If you are interested in this item or other items, feel free to visit the shop. 

The Whistle Necklace is wonderful and was catching my eyes for a while now. 
I finally purchased this wonderful designs and I am waiting for it to arrive. 
Please visit the shop and you will fall in love with her pieces like I did! 

Thank you very much Amy :) 

Keep in mind that we are all individuals and that we like to stand out in the crowd, not only with our mind, but with our style and personality.
I hope you had fun this week with my Etsy finds of the week. 

 Be original!
Shop Etsy and please visit the shops above you will not regret it- I promise you.


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