Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Introducing.... The Scoop Purse by Battise Fashions

Today I have the honer to introduce to all of you a very special company! Battise Fashions http://www.battisefashions.com/

Battise Fashions is an online company offering high quality clothing & accessories. Michele and I were collaborating on a little design project! Battise Fashions created these amazing Scoop Purses and I had the pleasure to create the tag for this wonderful product! Ladies do not miss the Scoop Purse! - Just SCOOP it Up and GO! 

Meet Michele!  

Please introduce yourself and your brand!

I’m Michele Battise owner of Battise Fashions, an online accessories and apparel company.   We’re a company known for imaginative yet practical products. I have over 20 years of experience in fashion and tailoring as a designer, instructor and business owner. For several years I worked for a large retailer and later sold through reps in showrooms at the Los Angeles Mart.  Our primary customers were boutiques and other specialty stores.  In 2008 we restructured the company to become Battise Fashions.

Our essence is to make fashion more artful and practical.  For instance, many of our clothing pieces are hand painted or have stencil designs by local artists.  In our new Scoop Purses we’ve used sculptural curves to make the basic clutch purse easier to handle and have a unique look.

How did you get started?

At my grandmother's side at age eight, I first learned how to hand sew small fabric pieces together. She was placing them in a huge frame sprawled in the dining room to make a quilt.  Later that elder I loved most in the world, showed me how to make a simple skirt pattern from butcher paper. My grandmother wasn't a glamorous woman but she sure was fashionable and extremely tasteful. 

From those days to the present, I’m still fascinated by the wonders that can be accomplished with simple thread.

Don't you just love the aspect and the clever idea? It's such a practical fun purse! You should check more designs online! 
Visit http://www.battisefashions.com/the-scoop-purse/

Who are you designing for and what are your bestsellers?

My best customers are women who want something more than “cookie-cutter” fashion.  They want to stay in trend but wear something that looks different and chic.  That’s why our best buyers in the Mart were specialty stores.  High quality and good fit must always be there.  During my career I’ve outfitted women from rich and famous to ones with modest budgets making sure they got the best fit possible - regardless of size.

Purses and jackets have always been our best sellers and we stress the fact that because you can do so much with these two pieces to change your look and mood, they are your most valuable ones.

  What makes you stand out in the industry?

Our company was also one of the first to primarily use organic cottons and silks in garment production, so we also appeal to customers that want eco-friendly products in their clothing and accessories.
We certainly stand out and even have a warning label in our description saying - WARNING:  AVOID OUR ACCESSORIES AND CLOTHING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET NOTICED.

Make sure you visit http://www.battisefashions.com/the-scoop-purse/ and look out for the gorgeous Scoop Purse!


Simply click on the image in the left sidebar on this blog and it will lead you to the Scoop purse! 
Happy Shopping! 
Be original and smart!- Buy a Scoop Purse!

Just Scoop It Up With Your Hand Inside the Arch  and GO! 

Thank you Michele for the wonderful collaboration! It was a pleasure to illustrate for you! 


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