Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Serious Frivolity by Chanel

A modern Marie Antoinette, a new style... that is was Karl and the House of Chanel wants to show!
Boucle jackets and fabulous skirts lace and petticoats walk the famous roads of the Palais de Versailles.    

White cotton, a pale pink, modern food wear ready for a beach, make the trend for 2013

Wigs, candy colored funky bobs watch the wonderful pastels purple, pink, pale yellow are a serious trend!

France is revolutionary in any way! 

This collection is called "Serious Frivolity" 
I love these designs from Chanel! 
Chateau de Versailles created by Karl Lagerfeld is inedible! 
Do you have a favorite piece?
I can't make up my mind!

Stay Vogue!


  1. Gorgeous collection!
    Love the name!
    And that black coat is my favorite piece :)


  2. OMG, my granddaughter flips over the fashion you post and I have to keep reminding her that she lives in Lebanon, Oregon...

    The rednecks here aren't ready for this, LOL!! Chic! I've always loved everything Chanel. Yes, the black coat rocks!

  3. I love this style, but I could never pull it off.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I loved the hole spirit of this collection!


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