Monday, May 14, 2012

Etsy finds of the week - Hats and scarves

The today finds of the week are one of a kind cool hats

like this one with some very cute turtle design 

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This hat is wonderful, a great feminine design, perfect for many occasions! 

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If you think about your wedding and you want to make a lasting impression how about a one of a kind rose bridal hat?

You can find more details in the shop! 

And now I want to show you the most expensive hat on Earth! 
Valued at 2,7million $ Chapeau d'Amour!( not for sale) - created by Louise Mariette. 
Platinum and diamonds inspired by ivy and blue bells

Apart from hats I have another pleasure! -Scarves! 
I love them and wear them almost all seasons! 
Silk, cashmere, pashmina, cotton, etc.... I love them all! 

Silk is pure pleasure and here is my find of the week for you!

This piece is wonderful! I love the color! 

Find more great designs in the shop!

The most expensive scarf was sold for 4.8 million $!- Ascher scarf 

It is an original Matisse print! 
The Ascher brand made his way in the luxury department beginning with this scarf as he was trying to convince Picasso, Moore and Matisse to design scarves for him. 

Stay Vogue! 


  1. GOOD GRACIOUS I cannot fathom hats and scarves costing that much!!! insanity! Beautiful picks however, and thanks so much for including my batik scarves! :D Great post, shall share!!

  2. Amazing finds, darling!
    I neeeeed a fascinator!



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