Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Introducing....Miss Pixie Pocket by Charlotte Benfield

Today I want you all to meet Miss Pixie Pocket! Dive with me in the 1950s and enjoy the beautiful dresses made by Charlotte Benfield. 
If you love the 50s this is the shop for you! 

E voila my illustration inspired by the lovely Miss Pixie Pocket aka Charlotte Benfield! 

Perfect for a wonderful unique wedding, don't you think?
I love her feminine and creative designs inspired by the crazy, fun 1950s! 

Please introduce yourself....

Hi, I am Charlotte Benfield, aka Miss Pixie Pocket. I am 29 years old. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my boyfriend Ari Freeman in a big old 1950s Villa. 
Pixie Pocket was started about a year ago in Christchurch. We had a really big earthquake and I was off work for a week and a half. I had been wanting to start a new label for a long time, but never had the time. A lot of the city was shut down and people were asked to stay home. As there was not much to do, I decided this would be a great project to keep me busy. By the time I went back to work the following Monday I had my Etsy store up and running. 

What is your inspirations and what is your brand about?

Pixie Pocket is a 1950s, Rockabilly and Pin up Dress Label, bringing together the fun and flare of the 1950s with a modern rocker twist. I get inspired by so many things it's hard o list them all. 

Fabrics: I love fabrics, looking at new pattern, weaves and fibers.I can spend hours at the fabric store. My favorite fabric is cotton, either in a good quality print or a sateen weave. 

Styles: It's important that all my dresses can be mixed and matched, so you can get this bodice to go with a skirt, enabling easy customization. When I am designing a new line, I like to think about the styles just before I fall asleep, as I believe that in dreams you can get interesting ideas. 

How long does it take you to finish one dress?

It really depends on my mood ( productivity wise). If I am going really well I can get a dress done per day, if I am going a bit slow it takes me two days. Custom dresses can take me a bit longer though. Especially some of the trickier ones. I'll hang them on the wall in my sewing room so while I am working on other things I can see them and think how they will look best. 
I generally start work 8.30am and work until 10-11pm. I sometimes think fashion design and sewing is not a career, it's an addiction. The more beautiful things you create, the more you want to create. 

Where else can we find you? 

I have my own website! http://www.pixiepocket.com/

Facebook! Go visit the page and give her a big LIKE! I did! :) 

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I just hope to be keeping doing what I'm doing. I have thought about this a lot and I want to keep Pixie Pocket a small business, just me, doing everything. I love the personal touch and knowing that everything I send out into the world is made by me to my standards and expectations. I am very lucky and think I must have the most lovely customers in the world. 

So if you want a custom stylish Pixie Pocket dress feel free to contact Miss Pixie Pocket! 
She will be happy to bring the 1950s diva in you! 

It is maybe the perfect style for you for a special day... wedding!

If you need your product illustrated feel free to contact me here on the blog or in my shop! 

You got to love this one! 
Or the cute yellow one?
You pick! 


  1. brilliant!charlotte your dresses are amazing:)well done,my order will be with you shortly x x

  2. Very sweet dresses and gorgeous illustration!


  3. Freakin' beautiful!!!

  4. i love her dresses!! i have 2 myself, my 1 year old daughter also has 2 :D one which she is wearing to my wedding in may and my 2 gawjus birdesmaids and maid of honor are all each going to be in her dresses i cant wait!!! her work is just amazing!

  5. I have three Pixie Pocket dresses, all bespoke, I can dress them up or down. I send Charlotte my measurements, pre-washed fabric, some ideas and she does the rest. They are all absolutely gorgeous and made well to fit me and no one else.


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