Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Introducing....Bones and Glitter by Michelle Bowie

If you love edgy designs with a statement I discovered the right shop for you! Today I want to introduce to all of you a wonderful shop.... Bones and Glitter by Michelle Bowie. The shop is from New Zealand and is located in Christchurch!

This unique Skull and Tartan Choker was the inspiration for my card illustration!

Check the choker out!

Isn't is unique?

You need to visit her shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/BonesandGlitter

Let's talk Bones and Glitter....

Please introduce yourself....

Hello! My  name is Michelle Bowie of Bones and Glitter. I am a Christchurch based artist and designer and have just finished studying art and creativity at the learning connexion - an art school in Wellington, New Zealand. I've been designing and reconstructing jewelry and clothing since I was a child.  My earliest memory of creating fashion is when I was six, and made Barbie her own Wonder Woman bustier from tinfoil. A year or so later, I was given a tiny green battery operated sewing machine, on which I created more clothes for Barbie.... though the machine was never quite meaty enough for the designs I envisioned! ( Either the batteries went flat or the cotton went crazy!) I also loved accessories from early age -pulling earrings and necklaces apart and creating new designs. I'm not sure where they came from -probably cast offs from my older sister - but I do remember that I didn't have pliers so used my teeth to pries jump rings etc... apart, and my mum saying
 "You'll break your teeth!" ( I never did).
Hours of playing dress ups in 1950's/1960's clothing at Grandmas contributed to my passion for clothes, sense of adventure and style. As a teen I discovered OP Shops, and fell in love with these musty dusty places, dyed my hair pink (way out small town Oamaru in the 80's) and dared to be different.

What is the inspiration for your brand?

Bones and Glitter is a brand born from life experience and a love of things that are unique and unusual. I thought for a long time about what to call my brand - I choose Bones, as I adore skulls, (they have the most amazing and useful structure) and Glitter, as I do like a touch of glam! I take inspiration from Steam Punk, Gothic, 70's and Punk that can be seen in my work. The piece I make are often influenced by experiences I've had that day. The best designs come to me at about 4am or when waking from a dream!
Designers such as Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Lagerfeld, and Alexander McQueen are people I adore.

How long does it take you to design one piece?

Depends on the piece- a hand sewn choker can take anywhere from 7 to 10 hours, where as a beaded bracelet may only take 45 minutes.

What is your favorite material to work with?

I really enjoy working with  copper wire for jewelry making, I like its structure and that you can move it to create various forms. I also enjoy  using feathers, ribbons, tartan fabric, bones and skull beads. When sewing I like to use vintage fabrics whenever possible or good quality fabrics.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In five years I would like to be able to earn a living full time from Bones and Glitter ( I currently moonlight as a part time librarian), stock a variety of accessories that are designed by moi ( bags, scarves, etc...) and be brand known for original, quality products.

Please visit Michelle's Etsy shop!

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So if this is the shop for you feel free to contact Michelle and have a special piece custom made!
You will not regret it!

The shop is truly unique and the designs are original and hand made! 

I fell in love with these little bows so I had to illustrate them and transform them into a bookmark! 

If you want your product illustrated feel free to contact me! 


  1. Just gorgeous!! Love these items. Thanks for telling us about the shop.
    Dressology HQ

  2. Really cool pieces and illustrations!
    Very rocker chic :)


  3. cool jewelery, nice writing

  4. Hey Guys - Thanks so much for your comments :-)
    Thanks to Lore, who did the most amazing job with this blog and created beautiful illustrations.
    Please come and visit my facebook page and keep updated on what is happening by clicking the 'like' button! Cheers, Michelle Bowie :-)


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