Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guest bloggers!

Like you know I was looking for a guest blogger but I found a few talented people that deserve to be guest blogger so I would love to give more all a chance!
Maybe you know that I have two blogs! - The Art of Living and of course this one - BaleaRaitz Fashion

I want to announce that on one blog The Art of Living - I have a wonderful New Zealand blogger! Her name is Zenobia and this is her blog:
She is a talented artist, a teacher and if you like to to have a drawing or something painted I advice you to visit her Etsy shop!

And this is her guest post on the other blog! so please read, get inspired and comment! 

  And now to the guest blogger on this blog! 

So you want to know who will be guest blogger on this blog for this week? How about we start with a wonderful lady that loves glam- gorgeous glam! 

You can also find her on Twitter:!/gorgeousglam1 
If you love fashion, glam, cinema, photography, interior design etc.... you will love her style!  

Congrats and I can't wait to show you all  her gorgeous glam post! 


Thank you very much for reading my post and commenting! Your comment is very important to me and will be answered!
I hope my post to be an inspiration!