Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trends, trends, trends....

And here we go again hunting for trends and colors ...

The colors you want to know?
A vision of vintage pattern and faded 50's and 70's create the trend this time. Soft colors invade the streets.
Welcome the blue family in your closet this season and the faded beige fine vanilla tones, talcum shades, grey, black and white as always a must and the beautiful khaki.

You want accent?
Complet eyour look with a touch of yellow, red, violet and blue.

The fabrics you want to know?
Have a look at the 70's The relax look is IN.Casual fleece, denim stays for sure and with cotton and yarn you can't go wrong. Floral design, rustic weaves. embroidery, lace and macrames are again the stars of the catwalk.
If you want to go for a fatale look, stay close to satin, chiffons, silk and crepes.

The silhouettes you want to know?
Remember Jackie O? The retro elegance of Jackie is again in style. Pencil skirts, slim shorts and jackets, capri pants and suits are marching in the stores and go right n your closet.

The big inspiration for this season is the Gaucho look. Kaiser Karl made it his. Have a look at Chanel and you know what I mean.

Since latin America is in style at the moment we deal here with influences of the military look as well as the Aztec ornaments. 


Love the idea of Gaucho and Jackie O... looks like fun to me. What about you? Is your closet hungry? Mine is for sure.....


  1. I love the military trend... and my closet is hungry too. xoxo

  2. My closet has been hungry for quite some time now. I love the mexican influence all over the Fall 2010 runway!

  3. Chanel is forever,that´s true!-)*

    ''Gaucho'' style is perfect,I like it very much!

    Thank you for share,



  4. AHHHHHH!! You are killing me with this wonderful stuff!!! OMG!! How fabulous! I can't stand it! It's gorgeous!!!

  5. still in search of my perfect pencil skirt...I don't think my closet is ever satisfied these days...

  6. great eye for those! I think you're right.

  7. My closet is always hungry for new clothes daaaaaahling. Unfortunately its a very small closet.
    Great clothes.
    *kisses* HH

  8. Fabulous trendspotting, darling!
    Love this post!


  9. ahh love this post. and i really love chanel's take on the whole gaucho look. the ads are fantastic. :)

  10. Nesatul si dulapul meu ... desi il alimentez în Fiecare sezon, ...:)) Asa cum Trebuie

  11. very informative. currently researching on Jackie O's style. perhaps I want to accomplish something like a polished look if that still counts.
    Interesting blog. Can't wait to read more.

    visit and follow

  12. To all of you: i'm glad you all like the post I had fun writing about. Fashion is not only my pleasure but my job. :)

  13. i really like the chanel editorial!


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