Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion today...

What I find interesting about fashion is that you find it everywhere you go. Every corner of this planet is covered in fashion- unique fashion.
You can read magazines, you can go online, you can see fashion shows live, you can watch fashion tv...
Michel Adam did a great job in that. He started with Cafe Fashion and soon after fashion Tv was born.
The diamond Logo is knowen is almost 200 countries and every day it's getting bigger. People were hungry for fashion, for the backstage life, for model clips and fashion all over the continents.
I think fashion tv is a must for fashion students, for designers, models, editors, basiclly everybody in this business.

If you never had the chance to watch fashion tv you can check it out online.

You can find every possible fashion week from China to US, to Australia, Berlin, Russia, Paris, Bucharest, Kuala Lumpur  etc...

Find out about the street style, the fashion crowd, the crazy designers, the collections, the idea behinde a line, the job as a model, a photographer, a designer, the trends, the silouettes, the pressure to put a show on etc...

To end this post like the models on fashion tv, I say 
I love you fashion tv ;) 


  1. That´s absolutely true,what do you say about Fashion today,my dear friend!-)*

    I love Fshion TV and I saw it also,I like it very,very,very much!!!

    With love and hugs,


  2. Hi,
    I wanted to invite you to visit my collages fashion blog:
    Thank you :)

  3. so true.. i can't agree with u more. i love fashion and fashion tv.. hehehe :)

  4. Yes, Fashion TV is fab!
    *kisses* HH

  5. I love you Fashion TV. You said it well, fashion is everywhere. xoxo

  6. To all of you: I'm happy you all like fashion tv:) I wish you all a great weekend.


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