Thursday, December 3, 2009

From pointilism to pure joy...

Since you follow my blog and I receive all these great comments about the illustrations, I was thinking to  tell you a bit how I started to illustrate. I have to say as I started to study fashion in the USA, it was not important to illustrate. I was drawing  years before it all got serious, but without rules and a real concept about fashion illustration. The 9 head rule was a stanger to me.
My 1st university year was hard. The illustrations were a joke and I hated every single one I had to do. Every week I had to show at least 50 illustations...... what a pain. Sure the more you illustrate the better you will be. Yeah, right!!! I felt like i was just carrying tones of paper with me and nothing good came out!!!! I felt like screaming- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Now I can laugh about but it was not funny to illustrate 30 illustations in pointilism , 30 in curved lines, 30 with circle etc.... picture all geometrical formans now and imagine you have to illustrate like that all week .. And by the way it´s only one subject you have - I had 15 total. One night I was so tired of it all i could see were damn lines circles and squares in colours. At the end of the 1st year i hated geometrical forms.  To make a long story short I would... I´m glad the crap is over. 
I do not want to know how many trees had to die for the concepts I had to finish. 
In the 2nd years finally you get to illustrate for real. So you start with egypt, greek etc .... and work the full history. Each topic is completed by as many ilustrations you can, better to say as long as your hand  will not give up on you. 
Anyway, in my 3rd year the illustrations got better but I was still not happy. The last year the pressure went on and I ended up illustating 3 huge bags of fashion croquis. The collection was done and I had no fun anymore. I know what you say now WORKOHOLIC ALARM - and I have to admit yes- GUILTY!!! I worked on the last final collection one year and I have no clue how many trees had to die under my colours, but A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
University was over and I started my last two years, my masters. As you can imagine more illustations were waiting for me. Well I finally found pleasure in my illustrations. I guess all the pressure was gone- masters was a piece of cake. 
 Now after 6 years of study I´m very happy. I illustrate without pressure, without rules etc... I guess it´s all about timing and about finding a style. 
Sadly I do not have old illustations anymore but you can find some in these posts:

The illustration for today is: 

I hope you like it. 


  1. i have always wanted to do illustrations...most especially fashion. but unfortunately, never got around to it and instead went to learn interior design. and now, im a photographer. i love your stuff and inspires me to try it out too in my spare time - considering how much i love fashion! tanks for sharing your talent dear!! =D

  2. Super tare! Nu stiam de ce-ti merge mana asa bine. ;)) Felicitari si sper sa ajungi departe! Imi place modelul.

  3. How does the saying go .... practice makes perfect!
    Look how good you are now!
    Lovely drawing ...

  4. Lorena, the efforts paid off in the end. See how you do your illustrations... they are all marvelous. And I love this new one too.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us. It was so great to learn more about how you came to illustrate. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Cheers!

  6. it's the pen! that would make perfect sense - i'm dumb. hahaha. I really love your illustrations! you really are very talented.

    xo Niki

  7. To mahryska: Cool i love interior design and to be a photographer is great.

    Ptr♥♥♥Oana Roxana ♥♥♥:Merci draga! Ma straduiesc sa mearga mult mai repede. Ma bucur ca iti place crochiul:)

    To Marina: Yes, practice makes perfect, but I still need to make it perfect! I´m glad you like it.

    To Leah: Thanks :) I´m glad you like it:)

    To Chic Chocolate: Thanks:)

    To Keith:Yeah, I felt like telling:) Wish you a cool week:)

    To Niki B.: Yeah, a pen! I´m glad you like the illustration. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your story on how you started as a fashion illustrator. Greatness can only come from very hard work. I'm not surprised that you are this good. All those long hours and trees ... they were a necessary evil to get to where you are now!

    Keep the fire burning!


  9. i do like it. it's incredible!

  10. Its strange how things we hate we might come to love. I guess when you get good at something you become confident and start to allow yourself to enjoy it. You've come a long way *kisses* HH

  11. To Nina: I try it dear:) Thank you for the nice comment:) Wish you a great day.

    To Mrs.B.: Thank you, I just went on your blog, it´s great:)

    To Heavenly Housewife: Yes, you are right. Thank you, hugs:)

  12. Well, I guess nothing comes easy but at least all your hard work paid off! You're so talented! I wish I can draw like that:)

  13. You are so talented, darling! Enjoyed reading about your background!


  14. To Sher: Thank you for visiting my blog:)and thanks for the comment:)

    To Couture Carrie: Thanks, I´m still trying to learn more :)

  15. Gosh you certainly earned your strips. What a process. So great you enjoy it now!

  16. wow, i like it very much!
    i gave the creative blogger award to you, but i think unfortunately you have to translate it into english if you post it on your blog because it's in german ..

  17. hi dear! thanks for stopping by, im glad to have come across ur blog. i like ur illustrations! its so inspiring to hear about how u started illustrating. and look how it turned out now! *claps*

  18. To Dustjacket Attic: Yes, Thank you.

    To noémi:Thank you very much for the award.

    To noomiedoodlesfashion:Thank you! I like your art:)


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