Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fashion rules...

Like in all fields we find rules, fashion is sometimes full of rules, believe it or not! It´s clear you work in a bank you wear a suit you work at the post office, sure you have an uniform. So, where ever we go we have written and unwritten fashion laws some are clear and some are not, but we have to get used to it. C´est la vie!
Does your job require a specific outfit? How do you deal with it? 
Well I have it easy on that part. I can wear almost what I want. The only rules I have are: Do not be bouring and stand out, you work in fashion! 
So with the  years I made some fashion rules for myself. 

I - Have fun!
II- Go for quality
III- timeless prints and knit 
IV- authenticity rules
V- do denim it´s always in, was and it will be 
VI- mix it up and try new outfits ( remember rule I!)
VII- make it look effortless
VIII- tight to the torso (not always) 
IX- find your dress code and play with it
X- accessorize

Do you have fashion rules ? Let me know about!!!


  1. There are also no rules in the photography industry except when I do weddings, wherein I dress to blend with the guests. Other than that, for meeting clients, I can dress any way I want.

  2. Thank you for the rules. I'll keep them in mind.
    -The Trendy Fashionista

  3. Eu am invatat ca in moda nu exista reguli. E totul atat de schimbator,incat ar fi aiurea sa iei in serios tot ce zic designerii.Cam pe aceleasi principii merg si eu,iar regulile de baza sunt lejeritatea,calitatea si originalitatea. Nu-mi place efectul de turma si nu pun prea mare accent pe trenduri.No rules!

  4. oh das wusste ich nicht :D

  5. one of my rule is :choose elegant clothes as often as you can.My job requires seriosity,responssability,strenght,passion and ambition which I must reflect through the cloths I wear.

  6. I agree there are so many rules in life. In general I don't like to follow rules but I do see some creeping into my wardrobe at times. My number one rule is to only wear what makes me feel good!

  7. that's a well put fashion rules. also, while denim is always fun to wear, it's always considered impolite at white colared jobs. ;(

  8. To Leah: Well you are lucky in that field:) like it.

    To Fashion and More:Thank you for the nice comment.

    To ♥♥♥Oana Roxana ♥♥♥:Ai dreptate efectul de turma e de groaza.

    To noémi:Wir können ja auch auf deutsch schreiben, wenn du willst:)

    To Lovely:I like your rules:)

    To Style Eyes Fashion Blog:Like that, saounds good.

    To gleenn: I know what you mean. Damn ...


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