Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sometimes I like to swing the brush ....

Somerimes I just like to paint....This abstract piece is 50X50 cm in acrylic.  What do you think ? Can you see it in your house ?


  1. I love that're very talented!

  2. This painting is awesome! I'll completly see it in my house. :)
    -The Trendy Fashionista

  3. This is wonderful... I can definitely see this in my house.

  4. That is amazing. I love it. You are such a talent.

  5. This looks great, very bold and modern. It would look good in my house.

  6. Actually yes, yes I can! Would look great in my guestroom .. works with all the colors there. I always appreciate artistic talent :)

  7. I know I posted a comment on this one, but I wanted to say how much I love your new blog header.

  8. Hi, sorry for the late response, this is crazy! lol ;)


  9. You painted this yourself? It's amazing! I love it <3

  10. Hello girl!

    Thanks a lot for passing by!
    I think it is so fun and modern!

    many kisses and let´s keep in touch,

    see you,


  11. ur sooo creative. I LOVE ABSTRACT pieces :)
    its very nice!!!!

  12. To Tights lover: Thanks:) I try my best. Love your post

    To Fashion and More: Thank you :)

    To Leah: Thank you makes me feel good your comment:)

    To Keith: Cheers!

    To Dustjacket Attic: Thanks for the lovely comment:)

    To Heavenly Housewife: Thank you I´m glad you like it, by the way your tips were great:)

    To Muneeba: Thank you sounds really good to me:)

    To MAISON CHAPLIN. Cheers, just chill no rush at all;)

    To Nahna: Yes, I did and I´m glad you like it, makes my day nicer!

    To KIRAFASHION: Hey model for a day and fashion lady who loves turquoise thank you, sure we keep in touch:) Love to read your posts

    To Christina Rodrigues: Thank you:)

  13. The way the colors are overlayed in geometric shapes is very sophisticated. Dope.


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