Friday, November 20, 2009

80´s reloaded and much more ...

Like we all know the 80´s are IN right now.Bright colours, big make up, big shades, shoulder pads updated, big hair,  dark tights with boots etc...We recelebrate the great music, the legendary Miami Vice look, which is by the way only great on a few people!Linda Evans, in Dynasty a lady in crystal -dusted gowns alwys in a catfight with Alexis Carrington Colby coverd in fab furs, silk and drama, drama, drama.... And if you are into that I say you check out Armani and Oscar de la Renta....

What about the movie Working Girl? Tess played by Melanie Griffith in the lovely cocktail dress. Not only a great movie but also   fab in style. If you go for that look I would say have an eye on the new Gucci and D&G collections.
If you are more into the ´Pretty in Pink` look, skinny jeans, layers and the big jackets have a look on Marc Jacob´s new collection. How about Flashdance? I know what´s on your mind Beal´s off the shoulder baggy sweaters and leg warmer....
Work out in the 80´s  two words: Jane Fonda. The belt, the stripes, the leg warmer the bright colours, that my dear friends is gym fashion!

Moonlighting and Miami Vice.... fashion, action, and style. You remember Maddie Hayes and David Addison? What do you say to the style? Every  episode was a funny fashion show. Shoulder pads were almost in every scene and he hair was glamour pure.

Rico Tubbs and Sonny Crockett .... what do you see now? Silk suits, white cotton blazer easy and cool ocean blue shirts , a hot car, a boat and cotton slippers NO socks...? I say yes, when you have the coolness of Don Johnson and the right body.
Now let´s talk music ... Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Tulle, bright colours, boots, crazy hair and lace, lace, lace. You can reload this trend with the 2009 collections of Roberto Cavalli and Louis Vuitton. Do not miss Balenciaga and Zac Posen.

Love is a battlefield.... what a fab song would say not only Pat Benatar. Now think acid washed jeans and have a look at Donna Karan´s new collection. Let´s not forget this great lady Grace Jones, always unique, always in fashion, crazy, in black leather, leggings, high heels and fire red lips.
To me Rihanna pulls the 80´s style very well off. Who do you think can wear today the 80´s look?


  1. I can so much relate... I'm a child of the 80's. I remember all the big hair, the shoulder pads, the leg warmers. Of course, my ultimate crushes back then are Don Johnson and Shaun Cassidy.

  2. I love the 80s but to be honest, I dont think the fashion back then was all too flattering. That being said, i do like some of the really bright colours on shoes I've been seeing lately.

  3. One of my favorite bloggers, Annabu, rocks 80's-inspired ensembles at times:


  4. I find this article very interesting,beacuse I saw but in fact didn't realize how much importance it is given now to the 80's.Love Jane Fonda but hate the hair style of the 80's.

  5. Fantastic post, darling!
    Love the Flashdance flashback!


  6. Rhianna looks like Whitney Houston in those getups! Now I have the flashdance manhunt song in my head. Must get home and practice my routine!

  7. To Leah: I´m glad you like it :) wish you a cool wekend

    To Desperate Housewife: Sure you are right:) Thank you for visiting my blog

    To Graham I. Haynes: Thanks I will check it out ;)

    To Lovely: Thanks, I´m glad you like it.

    To Couture Carrie: Thank you I´m glad you had fun, and by the way love it too :)

    To Tights Lover: Thanks:)

    To Nikki: Yeah it was a cool song and the movie not to bad ;) Wish you a great day



  9. I love the 80's. That's the decade I really grew up in. I remember all those things you posted. Brings back good memories.

  10. To Maison Chaplin: :) I´m glad you like it. Ditto

    To Keith: Yeah like the 80´s 2! THe music was dope

  11. I'm an 80s baby myself, too, and can distinctly rememeber when some of the looks that are now to be found everywhere were first in vogue. Honestly I'm not one for the wide shoulder pads, acid wash or over-sized clothes though (on me at least), my 80s style of choice is the romantic, pastel and floral print (think Laura Ashely dresses) that girly-girls of the era loved to wear.

    Fun post, sweetie, thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)
    ♥ Jessica


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