Monday, December 3, 2012

Artist of the week....RuizStinga

It's time for the Artist of the week!
Today I want to introduce to all of you a wonderful artist team from Spain Ruiz Stinga.

Please introduce yourself... Who is Ruiz Stinga?

Ruiz Stinga is a team of two, an illustrator ( Santi Ruiz) and a graphic designer ( Carine Stinga). We've been working together in our little studio based in Barcelona ( Spain) since 2009. We are already a couple and a family, living with our sons and currently expecting the third one.

Congratulations! :) 

Usually our line of work and commissions involves branding, editorial design, web design and so on. During our career, we've also developed illustrations, for educational posters or purely ornamental, such as the ones applies to aprons.
We love our trade and we enjoy doing it. To make a living out of it is tae big challenge, but it is absolutely rewarding.

What made you open and Etsy shop?

Illustration and design is not an occupation that we do from 9 to 5, it is actually our hobby and our most treasured vital space. We love beautiful things.
Since working under commission means to follow some guidelines and be stuck to many schedules, the need to create randomly was always a vital necessity.
And so, when the workload diminished ( and with the crisis in Spain it was meant to do so), we left our computers and picked up a pencil, some scissors, felt, imagination and a great quantity of fun and the result is what we can see in our shop.
The last decision, to sell those creatures, was made to give them a place to live and be seen by the world.

Please visit the wonderful, fun and colorful Etsy shop!

How do you promote your designs?

We are actually new sellers in Etsy and so our promotion by now is via facebook and friends. We also love this huge Etsy marketplace and take a lot of time browsing to discover items, crafters, artists, and beautiful things. We favorite items, shops and add artists to our circle. To be active in the community is one way to promote your shop, as well as to engage in teams of your interest.

What is your advice for fellow artists?

As an advice, since we are already in our first steps, I can repeat what I've been said by a mom at school
( already an Etsy seller) :
- Keep your shop growing
-Do not upload your items at the same time. For searching purposes, feed your shop constantly, little by little
-Show your proposals to bloggers and if it's possible try to be featured in as many as possible. That will give your shop visibility.
-Interact with the community.
-Be part of the teams and be active.
-Take the most amazing pictures you are capable to achieve. Items mostly sell by the eye.
- Browse for similar items to see how they are described and which keywords are used.
-Take your time to go through the Etsy  Sellers Manual, it is packed with relevant information.
-Do not expect immediate result. Keep it as a hobby and enjoy doing it. This will be your way to success.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

That is a tricky question. Since we do it as a hobby and are here with a pure, childlike approach, enjoying and doing it for the sake of going it.
Actually, ''the future" right now is our third son who is due for February 2013.

Please like the Facebook page, I did for sure!

Visit the webpage as well and enjoy a colorful world!

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Enjoy and be original ... buy Etsy!


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