Thursday, December 27, 2012

Artist of the week....Richard Grieco

Today I want to introduce to all of you a wonderful artist. We are all familiar with Richard Grieco the actor... but do you know Richard Grieco the artist?

If you love art, colors, expressive emotions this art will inspired you. As an artist myself I understand how hard it is to translate emotions, feelings and state of mind on canvas.

Crossing Black Eagle

Richard's Art is familiar close to Pollock who to me is a very important element in art and very expressive. Art is about purity, emotions and originality. Richard Grieco shows a new way of expressing expressionism. Pollock was the beginning of abstract expressionism and changed our thinking and made us go beyond. Richard's Art is a new level of expressionism, an expressionism that goes beyond abstract. It's emotional, has duration and consistence. You the art buyer,  admirer ,or fellow artist ... you are the judge of his art. 
I did not get the chance to interview Richard face to face but via Twitter everything is possible! 
I started to communicate to Richard a while ago, because I discovered his paintings. 


I like his art and I told him I would like to introduce it to the Australian Market. He liked the idea and from here on I started to have a closer look at his art. 
I have two paintings I like a lot- Do not ask why! I can't give you an answer! I just do- It's like something that pulls you in. 

And here they are: 

On the Edge of Sanity Bluff


Scancity of two souls

If you would like to see more paintings, feel free to visit his web page!
Contact him via Twitter!
Go like his FB page!

Be original! 


  1. Very cool pieces!
    They remind me of Jackson Pollock :)


  2. That is seriously cool! I had no idea he was an artist, too. I completely agree with what Carrie said above, my first thought when I saw these paintings was what a distinctly Jackson Pollock vibe they had.

    ♥ Jessica


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