Monday, November 12, 2012

Artist of the week....Jordan Fees

Today I would like to introduce to all of you a wonderful artist Jordan Fees. If you are a fan of Disney and love the wonderful world of dreams,magic, dragons,witches, etc.... you will love Jordan's work.

Please introduce yourself....

Hello readers. I am an aspiring illustrator/artist working out of Pennsylvania (United States.) I’ve had a passion for art ever since I was a child. Some of my fondest memories are that of going to the library and looking at books with stories of far off lands and adventure. The films of Walt Disney also had a strong impact on me. Throughout my schooling years, I tried to take every art course that my school offered; I couldn’t get enough of it. From painting to sculpture, I was happy to fill my schedule with art classes. When it came time to further my education, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to study art in college.
 So after earning my Bachelor’s Degree from Keystone College in 2008, it has been my dream to continue my artistic journey and hopefully inspire others along the way.

What made you open an Etsy Shop?

As an artist, I know it is important to use every avenue available to help promote my work. I knew Etsy existed in the past, but it wasn’t until over the last year that I really got interested in seeing where opening a shop would take me.  It’s a great outlet to exhibit your work and show others what makes you special. I’ve been building up a portfolio over the past few months and am looking to expand my shop in the coming weeks as the holidays approach. The options are endless on Etsy and I really appreciate that it nurtures the artistic community.

How do you promote your designs?

I have a Facebook Group dedicated to my work – Jordan Fees Art. I use Twitter frequently and also consider word of mouth a valuable tool in getting my name out there. As of this month, I have been hosting art shows that display my work locally. This has been a grass roots campaign for me and I’m working from the ground up. I feel that I’m doing the right thing as feedback has been amazing. As I add work to my shop, I frequently promote and keep people updated on what items I have coming. It’s exciting to reveal something new!!

What is your advice for fellow artists?

Where do I start? It’s so important to believe in yourself and your talent. Don’t let anyone tell you “No,” or that you can’t do something. Have a strong foundation and support system. Any dream that is worth having is a dream worth fighting for. Whether you decide to venture into music, theater  fine art, journalism etc, know that if what you’re doing makes you happy, you’re going in the right direction J

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

As of this year, I am trying to promote my illustration work as well as a line of Holiday Greeting Cards (Halloween, Christmas etc.) It is my dream that Jordan Fees Art (also known as Jordan Fees Designs) can expand into the holiday market. I love being festive and creative around the holidays and there are many like me who share that same passion.  I hope to continue bringing my designs into people’s lives. My brand stands for quality and attention to detail and I will strive to please each and every one of my customers.

Please visit Jordan's Etsy Shop! 

Visit the Facebook page! 

Step into the world of magic....with JordanFeesArt!


  1. Beautiful illustrations and fabulous interview!


  2. Absolutely love his work - gorgeous! :)

  3. Love your work Jordan. You are very determined to succeed and I am with you all the way.


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