Monday, July 9, 2012

Etsy finds of the week - Lotus

Today in my Etsy finds of the week it's all about the Lotus! 
On Loving Lotus ( Ancient China) 
Lotus on four sides and willows on three,

Half a pool of autumn water reflects a hill.

Distant fragrance is all the more delicate and fresh.

Zhou Dunyi, Song Dynasty 

If you would like to decorate your room with such a wonderful calming image, all you need to do is purchase the photography in the shop below! 

If you are like me and love the lotus flower scent, I found a great shop on Etsy for you! 

Don't forget to pop in and discover exiting perfumes, oils, skin care, etc...

For the jewelry lover who just love the shape of the lotus, I found a wonderful piece! 

You can find this piece in the shop below!

I was creating  a set of two cards- perfect for a cute invitation, thank you card, note, etc...
It's available in my shop! 

Enjoy the peaceful lotus! 

Stay Vogue! 


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