Monday, July 16, 2012

Etsy finds of the week- Little Romania

Today in my Etsy finds of the week it's all about Romania. A country dear to my heart. I am from Transylvania and I want to show you this week a few treasures from my country. 
Take a look! 

I am sure you all heard about the famous Dracula! 
Have a look at the grave stone- the carving is wonderful

You can find more amazing black and white images in the shop below! 
Make sure you visit! 

If you are a fan of ceramics do not miss this shop from NY! 
I adore the blue and beige ceramics - hand painted with love 
Every time I see such a piece it reminds me of home. 

If you are like me and like an organic chemical free towel, you better visit this shop and have a close look at these beautiful vibrant Romanian Hemp towels! 
Avisa Organics is offering a wonderful range of products! 

These is way more to say about Romania and if you are interested in more designs contact me! 

I hope you have a wonderful Monday. 

If you are interested in Romanian Art feel free to visit my shop! 
Available in original, print or PDF!

Enjoy and stay original! 


  1. Beautiful pieces and illustrations, darling!


  2. That gravestone is amazing. And I must check out the organic towels....I'm an organic junkie! Great leads, thanks for the info!
    Dressology HQ


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