Thursday, June 14, 2012

What does my teacup say about me?

I have to admit I am a tea drinker and totally obsessed with peppermint tea. That's my drug what can I say? Guilty! ;) 

I do not favor a specific tea brand - fresh mint organic is anyway the best! 
Part of the pleasure taking time an drinking a cup of tea is also having a great cup! 

A high tea is always welcome and in fashion! 

Have a look at these teabags! 
Funky, right?
Tea with Karl anyone?

Teacups you find like sand on the beach - classic, chic, rococo, modern.... you name it an you find it! 

But still not my cup of tea! 
A while ago I was ordering a shaving scuttle for my hubby so I found Robert. He works with clay and makes some amazing pieces! 
After the  shaving scuttle mug arrived I was thinking he could custom make me a tea  mug ! 

PS: My hubby loves the shaving scuttle! It keeps his soap warm and it feels amazing in the skin!
I would say you should give it a try and surprise your hubby with such a scuttle! He will love it! 

I wanted a tea mug that looks rustic, has character and is unique! 
What color? Clear to me! Mint
It's not only in fashion but also very soft, calming and I'm in love with! 

E voila this is my cup! 

What do you think?
It has a pouch to put my teabag in and it feels wonderful in my hands! 
The blue one is great as well. 
If you want to order a cup, simply contact Robert!

My cup was 11US$ and I love it! 
I actually ordered one more :) 

A little pink is always nice! 

What does my teacup say about me?

Stay Vogue and drink a cup of tea! 


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