Monday, June 18, 2012

Etsy finds of the week- It's all about Macaroons

Macaroons, oh Macaroons! Yummy and  cute! The colors are divine and so this Monday on Etsy finds of the week- it's all about Macaroons!
Seams like they are everywhere !

Kenzo got inspired by a sweet Macaroon and introduced to the world the Macaroon bag! 
Not only in fashion Macaroons set the trend! How about the USB world?
Check out this cute USB!
I found this amazing USD right in this wonderful shop! 
Check it out! 

Now let's talk Etsy finds of the week! 
If you still don't know how to make Macaroons, here you have the opportunity to purchase the recipe! 
Make sure you visit the Etsy shop! 

Do you have a coin purse?
If not this is the purse for you! Macaroon inspired! 

Check it out and do not miss other wonderful macaroon colors! 

Are you a fan of studs?I know I am - and I love colors! 
I have the perfect cute macaroon inspired studs for you! 
Check it out! 
You can find every color! 

Macaroons can be a great gift not only as a sweet!
In this shop you will find amazing Macaroon shaped soap

Candle anyone?
How about his Macaroon pink candle?
You can find more designs and adorable candles right in the shop! 
Make sure you take a look! 

Like I said I am a big fan of Macaroons so I was creating a pillow box inspired by the colorful treats! 

If you are interested in my macaroon inspired Macaroon pillow box, feel free to visit my shop

Stay Vogue - and treat yourself with a few delicious Macaroons! 


  1. I keep on trying to eat macaroon's but I just can't get myself to like them... However I think they look so cute and I love the Kenzo bags!

    1. Maybe if you try your favorite flavor. Did you try to make them yourself?- not that easy the first time I have to say! LOL

  2. Lovely collection !
    Merci for including me in !

  3. Amazing finds, darling!
    Especially loving that clutch!


  4. Wow I love it! I want that ring!

  5. Love the bag. Thanks for your visit.

  6. awesome finds!!!^^
    i love the USB ;)


  7. What a fun and clever post on the macaroon! Those studs are fab. Love everything tho!
    Dressology HQ

  8. Ce simpatice sunt toate. :) Mi-ar fi mila sa aprind lumanarea aia. ;))


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