Friday, April 20, 2012

Introducing....Jingling Little Things by Cleopatra Cosulet

Today I am very proud to introduce to all of you another wonderful brand called Jingling Little Things by the wonderful Cleopatra Cosulet from Romania. Please visit an amazing shop! you will love the detail work, the colorful designs and the fun part of wearing something unique!

 The inspiration for today's illustration is this unique jewelry! You can purchase it right in the shop!

So, if you would like to have your unique designs illustrated feel free to contact me!
I made for Cleopatra this one of a kind bookmark inspired by her wonderful parallel universes necklace!
Check it out in her shop! You will love the color burst and the shape!

How about this treasure below?
Isn't it unique?

Wearing this exquisite  piece around your neck will make you stand out in the crowd!

Let's talk Jingling Little Things....

Please introduce yourself.....

My name is Cleopatra Cosulet, I'm living in Romania  and have a huge passion for colors and shapes and handmade things and so on....

What made you open an Etsy shop?

I started playing the handmade game not so long ago, and I thought to find out what people abroad think about my work. That is the main reason I opened an Etsy shop.

How do you promote your designs?

Unfortunately, I was not consequent enough in promoting my shop and handmade items. Not on etsy.

Where else can we find your products?

My products can be find also on Romanian platforms as Breslo and Crafty. Besides, they are present on my Facebook page! - Zdranganele mititele ( Jingling Little things)

Go give her a like on her wonderful colorful Facebook! I did :)

Check out her Craft page! Cleopatra has amazing pieces!

Make sure you drop by her Breslo store!

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

Hopefully, it will get  known and worn by many, many, many people....

So, if you like colorful, outstanding jewelry that are like a piece of art around your neck, wrist or finger, visit this cute, unique store!

And remember if you want to have your brand introduced, feel free to contact me!
You can visit the interview page for details or contact me right on the blog!
And if you just want your product illustrated contact me in the shop!
                                                                                Such a funky colorful bracelet to wear! How about

this unique piece?
And if you love cute purses, have a look at this jewel!


  1. Amazing pieces!
    Totally loving that collar!


    1. Cheers for dropping by! Yes it is wonderful!

  2. These pieces are so unique! Loving them. :)

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. that clutch is amazing


  4. thanks so much for your sweet comment. really appreciate it!! : )
    check out my latest blog post if you have the time!

    xxx love

  5. So beautiful. I love all the colours--exactly what I love! And your illustration is amazing (as always).
    Dressology HQ


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