Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Introducing.... The Art and Found by Olivia Royale

Today I want to introduce to all of you The Art and Found by Olivia Royale.

The illustration for this unique brand is a  wall art.
So if you would like to have your product illustrated, contact me in my shop!


Let's talk trendy fashion! Crochet, prints, funky and unique hats....

Please introduce yourself....

  Hello, I am Olivia Royale, the designer and creator behind the clothing brand: The Art and Found. I specialize in knitwear and accessories that compliment the new American woman: fearless, independent, creative!

What made you open an Etsy shop and what is your inspiration?

 I opened my first Etsy shop in 2010.  I crocheted funky hats and accessories that were all-seasonal, and made from locally bought materials.  I found my inspiration when I lived in California and wanted to be a self-supporting artist.  When  I moved back to the east coast I started selling my creations at farmers markets and festivals and was finally introduced to the wonderful world of Etsy! I love that Etsy gives me the opportunity to sell all around the world. Its lovely to think that someone in Australia or China is wearing one of my designs! This year I have opened a new shop called Whats Olivia Wearing.  More than creating, I love fashion.  My favorite thing is getting dressed in the morning and deciding who I want to be that day. 

 My new shop reflects more of a style that I want to sell, and the brand of Olivia Royale.  The clothes promote a funky and fearless fashion sense, with a twist on sustainability!

How do you promote your products?

I promote my products through Facebook, Twitter, and a new blog. I am passionate about sharing the personal story behind my products and want to give my customers an experience when buying my stuff.  I think when you buy a product and you know who made it, what they were listening to, or the inspiration behind the piece, you appreciate your purchase so much more and strive to continue shopping in that way.  I think this is where consumerism is heading: an evolution in the way a shopper buys something, and knowing more about where it came from. 

What is the idea behind The Art and Found?

  The Art and Found is a word I came up with in high school.  I always knew that I wanted to have a store someday.  I thought the term was perfect for the concept of handmade and vintage: my two passions.  I envision The Art and Found as a place to go to when you are Lost.  In times of change, transition, or struggle, fashion can help us reinvent ourselves and boost our self esteem.  The Art and Found will always carry products that will make a person feel unique, strong, and inspired!

Make sure you visit The Art and Found!

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Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

 Right now The Art and Found is just me and my online Etsy shop.  In five years I hope to include other artists as well, and hopefully have the shop I always dreamed about.  I hope the Art and Found becomes  a place for people to come and create, inspire, and purchase wonderful things. 

For all you who are on Twitter you can find Olivia here as well! 

For all the blogger check her blog out, follow, leave a comment and keep in touch with her designs! 

I am sure this stylish brand has something for you! Unique accessories ... check! Cute shorts....check! 
Cool crochet, and prints are waiting for you! 

If you would like to be featured feel free to contact me! 


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