Friday, March 30, 2012

Introducing.....Tracy's Art by Tracy DeCamp

Today you will be stunned when you see the little treasures in this shop! I want to introduce to all of you a wonderful artist and a new friend to me! Meet Tracy DeCamp from Tracy's Art!
Specially for this interview I illustrate some unique gift tags with Tracy's beautiful necklaces as inspiration! Here you can see Fortune Necklace..... available....

Let's talk jewelry....

Please introduce yourself.... name is Tracy DeCamp. I am 49 years old, mother of 2 teenage boys ( Cameron 17, Kyle 14) and wife to Rick. I live in Bellevue, a suburb on the east side of Seattle, Washington.... in a house on top of Cougar Mountain overlooking Lake Sammamish.

I have always been an artist mostly painting large mixed media oil paintings and pet portraits, but my true love has always been fashion. I studied fashion illustration and design at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia back in the early 1980s.  After leaving school I freelanced illustration in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Richmond VA for a bit but eventually pursued  my painting full time, showing my work in galleries and on my own.

Why jewelry and what is the inspiration for your designs?

My inspiration comes from color first. Then all the different elements that I find on my journeys begin to speak to me as well. I have always collected vintage clothing, beads, jewelry, pendants, trims, buttons, and all kinds of treasures. I enjoyed making my own designs from the found objects. To me this was the most fun. 
Re-working old things and mixing them up with new to create something unique is so very exiting for me. Thus, my necklaces evolved. I can enjoy working on my necklaces all day long and never run out of fresh ideas. I love it! I have finally found what I truly want to spend my time on. 

Where else can we find your lovely creations?

I am invited to exhibit and sell my jewelry at our local annual Summer Artwalk in the historic town of Issaquah, Washington the first Friday of the month of May through September starting May 4. At the Artwalk all the shops, restaurants and galleries that line Front Street invite artists to display and sell their work. It is very popular and draws a big crowd. The visitors come to enjoy food, music on the streets, atmosphere and art. So fun! 

How do you promote your jewelry?

I also promote my work on my website my Facebook and of course my etsy shop

Where do you see  your brand in 5 years?
My brand in 5 years .... to have my work in my own case at a major high end department store is one wish. It would also be pretty cool if my brand as big enough that I would be able to mass produce some select pieces for a broader market. As for now I am enjoying making my work and selling it on Etsy and at local shops and shows and to my friends. I am enjoying how my business is evolving and connecting with other artists and buying online and in person! I am enjoying the ride! 

Please visit the Facebook page and give Tracy a LIKE! I did! :) 


  1. Great job, Lorena! from Seattle, Washington.

  2. P.S. Love those iphone covers!


  3. LOVELY PICS:)in here.... I really like your blog and will happily follow. If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

    1. Cheers :) You have a wonderful blog! Lovely images :)


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