Sunday, March 11, 2012

Introducing....Silly GooseNZ by Tessa

Today I want to introduce to all of you another amazing NZ brand! Say hello to SillyGooseNZ by the lovely Tessa. SillyGooseNZ is based in Hamilton and does wonderful children wear.

I had the pleasure to illustrate for Tessa and the SillyGooseNZ brand!

Let's talk merino....

Please introduce yourself...

Hi, my name is Tessa.

What is your inspiration and what is the story behind SillyGooseNZ?
I started making merino goodies fro myself and kids. And after a while for my husband too. I noticed that a lot of companies sold merino but not at prices I could afford. So I wanted to introduce a basic line of merino clothing that was still at a good quality and at a much more reasonable price. I try to keep my prices within reach of most people and always use 100% when I can. In fact I do not buy it now, if it isn't 100%.

You can find me on Etsy!
And I have a Facebook page. Plus I occasionally see at local markets. Also this Southern winter I was hoping to have "Merino Parties", like Tupperware, in peoples homes so it can be a bit more of a fun social night out with a few merino purchases.

How do you stay on top of the game promoting your products?

I find promoting tricky as this really is all rather new to me. I try to make the most of free avenues, to try and keep the price down. But this year I am trying a few Expos to get my name a bit more out there. I try and join groups of Etsy, Facebook and blog about my crazy life.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In 5 years!!! I hope to be still be doing this, with my own web page and enough consistent orders so I can just work on this. I would love to get my clothing into a store, I guess world domination!!!!! I try hard to make a range of items without spreading myself too thin. My leggings seem to be a hit, I am hoping my hoodies and wraps start to take off too. I try to use bright,colorful merino fabrics so people can have something a bit different.

Love it! It's a family business! :) Adorable! 

Please visit the Facebook page and give SillyGooseNZ a big LIKE! I did :) !

Visit the Etsy shop and pick wonderful Merino clothing, for your family! Feel cozy, warm and natural with the SillyGooseNZ brand!

Funky hats, soft leggings, hoodies, shirts....
You pick!

If you need your product illustrated you can
contact me!

Thank you for taking part and feel free to contact SillyGooseNZ for more details!


  1. Loren,dear!

    You made a very nice work!!!

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    Wish you a sunshining week,my dear friend!


  2. Those hats look so fun and comfy!


  3. Great , interesting post.


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