Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introducing....AmongTheAtmosphere by Stephanie Garza

Today I would like to introduce to all of you a one of a kind shop- AmongTheAtmosphere by Stephanie Garza.

This time I illustrated a feather necklace that was catching my eyes as soon as I went on her shop! 

Let's talk AmongTheAtmosphere...

Please introduce yourself....

Hello my name is Stephanie Garza. I am 24 years old. I live in Jacksonville Florida, working out of my small studio( my living room). I graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009 with a BFA in General Sculpture Studies. Visual Arts has been my passion since I can remember. I am happiest when I am creating something.

What made you open an Etsy shop and what is your inspiration?

I've always admired Etsy shop owners and wanted to open a shop of my own. It's amazing to have handmade, unique items available to purchase from artists just like me. The thought of supporting someone else's dream is really special to me.
I finally got the opportunity to open my own etsy shop this past December, since then I have poured everything I have into constantly working on expanding and making it better.

Inspiration for a lot of my pieces relate to childhood, and hanging on to that kidlike spirit. I try to bring in themes and objects I loved and admired as a kid ( paper, airplanes, feathers, leaves, animals....) into my work.Nature is also a huge source of inspiration to me. Outside of creating pieces, another interest of mine are plants. My goal is to try to make pieces I would want to have on my own.

Do you have a favorite material you work with?

While in college I became adept in woodworking, ceramics and fibers.Therefore, it's hard for me to choose just one material. I love working with fiber and clay the most.  While working with fiber, I feel calm. Something about the repetition of knitting and crocheting each stitch is  incredibly therapeutic. My attraction to clay, on the other hand is the idea of creating something out of nothing. You start with just a lump of clay and can mold it into anything you can image. There is something kind of magical about that. In my shop I try hard to make my fiber and clay pieces correlate to keep everything cohesive. I balance this by going back and forth between fiber and clay items; when I don't know what I want to make in clay, I knit or crochet and vise versa. This process helps me stay focused and full of ideas.

How do you promote your designs?

Promoting and marketing has been quite a challenge for me. Right now I am trying to figure out which site works best for my shop. I post a lot of works in progress and announce finished pieces on my tumblr:

I started using Facebook to show my friends and family my pieces on Etsy with the hope of spreading the work further than the people I know!


So go to her FB and give her a big LIKE! I did :)

Recently I decided to try out Twitter ... but I am still learning that one:!/AmongAtmosphere

Check out the Twitter and follow her! I did :)

And finally it was suggested to me to use pinterest, which is an amazingly addictive new tool, and I am exited about it's possibilities!

And Pinterest?.... Check it out and pin pin pin....

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In five years I would like to have a larger studio where I can expand my shop products. I am not sure if I can continue to create scarves, jewelry and other accessories, but will see where time takes me. I find myself always evolving and becoming fascinated with other objects that can eventually be sold in my shop. But honestly, as long as I am creating pieces and doing what I love to do for a living, I am happy. I am lucky already to have the passion and talent I have been given. I never want to take that for granted.

So if you want to be introduced and want to have one of your products illustrated feel free to contact me!
Visit my shop and we can have a little chat!

Make sure you visit Stephanie's blog! and of course the Etsy shop!

Enjoy... AmongTheAtmosphere!


  1. feather necklace is the best !

  2. That feather necklace is just lovely! xoxo

  3. This is a beautiful blog! Professional and elegant!

    1. Thank you very much! :) Just go and check your blog now:)

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    1. Follow you already :) Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog!


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