Thursday, February 9, 2012

Introducing....byVellamo Jewelry Sandra Kemppainen

As a woman I love jewelry and here I discovered a very talented entrepreneur! I am proud to introduce to all of you a jewelry brand with future! - Vellamo by Sandra Kemppainen!
Her designs inspired me to illustrate. I illustrated this one  of a kind bookmark!

It is inspired by this wonderful earring and pendant that you can purchase in her shop!

You can have a look at the bookmark in my shop! Feel free to contact!

Let's talk jewelry, photography and supplies...

1.Please introduce yourself....

I am Sandra, a half- Hungarian Romanian, currently living in Helsinki, Finland. I have been in Finland for the past four years now and I love the nature, lakes, trees and special sunlight they have up here. I say" I don't live at the edge of the world, but you can see it from here'. I am a professional photographer with an engineering degree. I have been an entrepreneur since 2008.

As a photographer, Finland has been an awesome inspiration for my pictures.

2. Why did you choose to name your brand Vellamo? Do you feel a connection to the sea?

I felt that this name, inspired by Kalevala, the Finnish mythology, strongly connected to water and sea is a good name fro the brand of jewelry I am creating. I love water and the sea.

3.The gemstones in your shop are amazing.... how did it all started?

Since I inspired the brand name by nature, I want to use beautiful gemstones for my jewelry. So, I spend countless hours searching supplies, as well as meeting suppliers in person during my Christmas holiday in a Christmas market  in Romania.

4. Do you have a favorite stone you work with?
That is a tough question....
I love turquoise stones, but also mosaic magnetite stones, witch come in so beautiful colors, Jasper is also one of my favorite, especially imperial sea sediment jasper.

 5.What is your advice for somebody who want to start a jewelry line and is interested in supplies?

Spend a lot of time searching, browsing and reading information pages about the stones you want to use.

6.Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

My dream is to make this a big jewelry brand, a design and name that people will recognize.

You can find her on Etsy for supplies and you can purchase the ready jewelry!

Check her Facebook page out and give her a big LIKE!

Website !

Now if you are interested in the photography you can contact her as well!


You also find her on Pinterest!


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