Monday, February 13, 2012

Introducing...Softearth Art

Today I am proud to introduce to you another New Zealand made brand .... Southearth Art! 

This unique shop inspired me to illustrate a one of a kind card, inspired by Toadstool Forest Mother!

Let's talk felt  needle work....

Please introduce yourself...

My name is Marie and I am a needle felt artist. The Enchanted World of Needle Felting is full of Rainbow dyed soft New Zealand Wool. It's warmth and light speaks to me. I feel it breathe in my hands and fingers. I want to warm people's hearts and ignite in them a stirring of their spirit. Magical creatures, Waldorf inspired, Gnomes, Fairies, living out in the rural countryside. I am inspired by Mother Nature. Here all is calm and peaceful.

Why needle felting and what is your inspiration?

Children especially find my art appealing as it appeals to their wonderful imagination. My small homestead and garden is organic and was build 25 years ago. I work on the kitchen table, and the sun 's light bounces off the wooden walls, to create a heart -warming glow. 

I started making a few wool dolls, and took to markets and fairs to sell. They were well received.  A friend suggested that I start a blog and I have been astounded at the interest and following. I joined Etsy and the New Zealand on-line shop Felt. I wanted to share my art with others globally, to let them have in 
their homes a little piece of me. To this end my art is affordable to all. 

How long does it take you to create one design?

A simple Rainbow figure might take me and hour to complete and a landscaped picture a few hours. 

How do you promote your product and where else can we find it?

By going global this has extended my view of the world. New Zealand is a fairly small Island Nation, but now I consider  the seasons happening in the world and create items for other Seasonable Nature Tables. I love what I do and have written a lot of short poems that go alongside my original 3D needle felt art. My hope is to publish these in a book. 
I promote though Etsy and the New Zealand site "Felt". I am also in a few local galleries, cafe's etc...

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I see myself felting well into future bringing joy into people's homes, with my fiber art. 

Visit her blog and enjoy one of a kind creations! 


Etsy shop! 


Please dive into a world of magic and bring joy into your kid's life by purchasing something truly unique from this amazing shop! Your child will love it!

If you want your product illustrated feel free to contact me!


  1. Such a cool interview, many thanks, Marie

  2. Wonderful interview and pictorial layout! Love it Lorena!! Your artwork as always the MOST! Love the feltworks and reading about a fellow Etsian! Keep up the wonderful creative works ladies!

  3. Lovely! Nice to see a new take on 'Waldorf' illustrations. Thanks Marie for directing me here.

  4. Lovely!!! I really like these little dolls.Kisses from


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