Friday, February 3, 2012

Introducing...Pacific Perfumes!

Like you probably know every week I am introducing a new exiting Brand and this week I would like to invite you 

to have a look a this amazing perfume brand made here in New Zealand! 
I was captivated  by these wonderful products and I created an illustrated invitation 
with the wonderful round package  in mind! 

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Let's talk perfumes....

1. Please introduce yourself...

I consider myself and Entrepreneur more than anything else, I love creating new ideas and making them happen! I also love the idea of trading and when I first did my OE at the tender age of 19 I traded my way around Europe, buying Mary Quant makeup in London, exotic jewelry in Amsterdam and selling out on the next stop in my travels! Reaching even Morocco, to buy beads to make my own jewelry to sell in Spain! That really was the foundation for creating my own business. 

2. How did the interest in perfume begin?

I eventually ended up living in Athens, where I decided to make perfumes because I had traded some that I'd imported from London. I had seen that there was an interest from the high end boutiques in the fashion quarter in Athens  and it seemed logical to create them there. That was the beginning of my company "Flowers of Greece", which kept me busy for the next 10 years. I learned a lot from an old man who sold French perfume from Grasse in the back streets of the old marketplace in Athens, which was as colorful as any middle eastern oriental bazaar in those days. 
We'd sit and drink ouzo and talk perfume, and I have to admit, we also smoked in those days French cigarettes.                          

3. How do you create a perfume?
We make solid perfumes here at Pacific Perfumes, we just love the intimate interaction that they have with the skin and they are so easy to carry, travel perfect is I like to say. We use a variety of carrier oil depending on the container but basically it's a process of warming and blending the oil with beeswax, another wax ( floral for instance) and then adding the fragrance oils and or essential oils. Temperature is crucial especially when using botanical as it's easy to lose some if the notes into the high heat. We use a variety of specialized laboratory equipment in our workshop here in Wellington Aro Valley. We also delve into alcohol based botanical perfumery but not on a commercial basic as yet. Naming a perfume is a lot of fun and I also create with the name in mind- it also works either way. Kate and I brainstorm a lot. It's influenced as well by where we intend it to be sold, our Love the Mango in Hawaii, we just had to celebrate them! 

4. Tell me about Pacific Perfumes.... how did the brand started?

You can read about our beginnings on our website where there is a lovely and true story about us  When Kate and I talked of starting Pacific Perfumes I said I would only do it if it offered up travel - 9 years later I can happily say it has given me wonderful insights into the Hawaii Islands, I've swum with turtles in Samoa, fondled stingrays in Tahiti, curried up in Fiji, mixed precious sandalwood with virgin coconut oil in a traditional ceremony in Samoa  and we accepted a Green packaging award in New York City just last year. That's delivering!  
5. How do you promote your product?

We do a lot of just plain beating the streets and visiting shops when we travel. I research the area the have the kind of retail I'd expect to market to as much as I can prior to travel. That in store human contact is really effective. Word of mouth is another wonderful avenue combined with our website, FB, Twitter, Blogs, and various media hits we've had. We changed our pots several years ago to NZ made sustainable Beech. 

6. What is your best seller and where can we purchase your brand?
Our best seller overall has to be the Original range Pacific Goddess. It's a terrific combo of name, one Goddess fits all and the fragrance is a warm sultry vanilla, perfect in any climate. It's a tribute to the female deities of the Pacific, a region which as New Zealanders we feel deeply connected to. 

7. Where do you see Pacific Perfumes in 5 years?

I'd love to see more collaboration with other artists and our commitment to sustainable environmental practices grow. I'd love to be making essential oils as well, to be producing / growing some of the raw materials that will eventually be made into beautiful evocative perfumes that will find their way all over the planet. I have a friend who travels with her Maui Musk solid perfume all over the world. It makes me smile when I think of it bouncing up and down on the back of a camel in let's say Mongolia!  

Enjoy the world of Pacific Perfumes and try something new that reminds you of a paradise! 


  1. Was that me speaking? Love the illustration by the way..hmmm...I wonder what I'd have to do to get a hold of that? F.I.Y :I always pop a wee extra something into an internet order so I do hope you readers feel a little compelled to try our Solid Perfumes and Soaps!

    1. I hope that my followers and every new visitor will visit your Etsy shop and order something! :) It was a please to introduce your products! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Visit the shop you will love the products! :)

  3. Wow,I love your story. And your product looks lovely too. I look forward to trying some soon.


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