Thursday, February 23, 2012

Introducing.....Le Maison Belle by L.C. Cooper

Today I want to introduce to all of you another wonderful Etsy shop! My illustration for today is inspired by a wonderful black and white photography! The St Louis Cathedral New Orleans LA in French Quarter.

You can purchase the photography in this shop!

And if you want your photography illustrated feel free to contact me!

Let's talk decor, art, photography.....

Please introduce yourself...

My name is LeAnn Cooper, and I was born and raised in Mississippi. I started out 6 years ago selling large-scale painted furniture pieces, and just recently opened Le Maison at etsy. We focus mainly on small decor pieces using vintage and up cycled elements. We also offer limited series black and white photographs, and signs made from reclaimed wood with original artwork.
To most the name Le Maison Belle" The House Beautiful" but the shop is actually named after our Great Dane, Belle who basally owns our house.... so to  us the name mean The House of Belle.
I am also a writer. I have yet to publish, but I did win a William Faulkner short story award, I am married to my college sweetheart, David (who is tremendously supportive). We don't have any children, but we do have 6 beautiful nieces and nephews who we thoroughly enjoy spoiling absolutely rotten!

What is the inspiration behind your brand?

I am inspired by so many things.... it's hard to pick just one. I find inspiration in anything old- taking castoff items and turning them into something completely new an different. I usually let things tell me what they want to be. I've found that if I try to force it. I don't always end up pleased with the final product.
I also hate to throw things away. We live in a house that was build in 1856, so we have a lot of scrap wood from the years of remold objects. That's how the painted signs venture got started.

Where else can we buy your products?

Only on Etsy.

What is your best seller?

The Fridge Magnet with the awesome quote has been tremendously popular- and it's one of my favorite, too. I worked in Graphic Design for a number of years, so the magnets and the painted signs are a lot of fun for me.

I have so much fun making all of the items that I sell at Le Maison Belle, and I hope that everybody loves the products as much as I love creating them. I get a thrill when someone actually appreciates an item enough to purchase it.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I would love to increase my painted sign offerings. I would also like to expend my photography offerings... I basically live with a camera strung around my neck.

Please visit this amazing Etsy shop!


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  1. That cathedral illustration is stunning! I'm so excited to be visiting New Orleans for the first time next month. Would love to come across this. :) xoxo

  2. Exquisite photo and illustration ~ wow!


  3. Thank you guys! I had a great time illustrating and introducing these amazing shops to all of you! :)
    Stay Vogue!


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