Monday, January 23, 2012

Introducing.... RaghouseInternational

Since I started Etsy I met over the years wonderful artists, designers wonderful creative people. One shop stood out in the crowd for me for a long time.

I am proud to introduce to all of you a wonderful company called RaghouseInternational. The owner of this unique luxury hand made crochet and knitwear is the very creative and talented Renaissance Marie Austin. 

Now let's talk crochet....

Tell me a little bit about yourself...

Hello, I am Renaissance Austin, a creative individual born and reared in Los Angeles. I love the visual and performing arts, travelling, reading, and photography. I am a designer of knitwear, crochet apparel and accessories. Usually at night I go out singing and enjoying live music which is a huge part of my life.

1. What made you choose the beautiful art of crochet and knit?

I have always been around crochet since I was a toddler. My grandmother was my creative foundation and taught me how to crochet when I was eight years old. I believe crochet and fashion chose me for sure, especially when you come from an artistic family like mine where there is yarn and sewing machines everywhere. When I studies Fashion Design and Marketing in college, textiles classes is where I discovered I had a true passion for fiber and soon crocheting took over of my sewing projects.

2. What made you name your label RaghouseInternational?

My brother and I looked through the thesaurus and did some word play. We continued searching for the right combination of words until it just felt right. My company had a slightly different name before, but finally Raghouse International stuck and was perfect.

3.How did you started your brand and what do you want to achieve?

My brand started 11 years ago when I was attending community college and I saw a crocheted head tie a vendor was selling on the campus. It truly sparked a fire in me, the fact that I was looking at something crocheted and it was actually for sell. Thus, a business was born that day. My brand as it is now is very far from what it used to be. It has evoled tremendously and I plan to get my top selling collection manufactured so that I can take it national. That would be a great thing!

4. Where do you show your collections and where can we buy your designs?

My designs can be purchased on my official website, I am planning to show my collections more this year locally. Many times I set up a vendor so that I can sell my wares during Art Walk, an event that takes place every month. For January, I am setting up one of my dresses for an art show. I am looking forward to that.

5. How does a day in your studio look like? 

I stay busy from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep and there is really not enough time in the day. I am searching  out ways now to get more things done in the day and hopefully I will have a couple of assistance soon. Usually when I am having a see in the shop, I am making dresses for months straight, but it does not really allow me to do anything else. I try to fit in online marketing and I like to make sure that I create 5 new products per week. I am still doing it all myself, but will soon have a great team to help me.

6. What's trendy 2012 in the crochet and knit world for you?

There are a lot of trends taking place in the crochet and knit world. Cowls will become more and more popular. In the mainstream trendy fashion market, bright colors and color blocking is huge, so I know we will see bright colored knits, especially, apricot, terra cotta, and peach. I've already created my color block knit dress collection. Also loosely fitted dress tops with leggings and boots will be huge as we go into Spring and Summer. Something with a boat neck and three quarter sleeves  will work great and as we move into the warmer seasons, knitwear and crochet pattern will become more open allowing the designer to be more cooler. And we can't forget crochet and knit capes. Not everyone catches on here in California as it hardly rains, but capes are pretty huge. I am almost done with one myself.

  7. Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In five year, my brand will be a national brand with sponsors and partners. If everything goes well, in the next year, I will be looking to sell a few shares. Then I will be able to really focus on my blog, and write my style book in which I am doing the outline for non. 
My blog is I love my blog! 

You can find her amazing designs here: 

And please make sure you visit her blog! 

Her designs inspired me as an illustrator as well....

If you like the illustrations you find more details about in my shop 

I wan to thank Renaissance for taking part in this feature and I wish her all the best with her designs! 


  1. Fantastic post,dear Lorena!!!

    That´s absolutely great to meet people from your fashion world and to be able working together!!!

  2. Beautiful work and fabulous interview, darling!


  3. Thanks for the introduction, love! Will definitely be checking her out :) xoxo


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