Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Makeup time- New Face chart!

So, what does a creative person? Creates, right!!!! I just love to play around with Makeup and so after having a look online and seeing what is available... I made my own Face Chart for creating new looks. Being in a creative field like fashion I always needed a good basic communication with makeup artists. I always had to sketch ruff and fast very unprofessional ( hate it!) 
So I came up with this! 

A face chart that has all it needs...
You want to talk skin care, face, cheeks, eyes, Mascara etc... 
I made one eye open so you can see the look and one eye is closed to see every step of the creation. 
It is perfect for Makeup Artists, people who love to create new looks, or if you are just keen on see how far you can go with makeup! 
You can even sign the paper after you are done with your look! Put your name next  to Makeup Artist! 
It will be great for your portfolio. Easy accurate and fast! 

This Face Chart is available in my shop! 

You pay one time and you will receive the chart in your email! 
It's a PDF file and you can make as many copies as you need! 
Of course you will receive it without the watermarks! 



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