Saturday, September 24, 2011

Costume designers .... Beyond dreams

It's dark... music is playing and you dive your hand into a popcorn bucket and in from of you a new world is opening....

How boring would be a movie without great costume designs? A good costume design will make you dive into a world of magic, will make you dream and it makes the story real.
Remember Edward Scissorhands... great story and wonderful costumes that made the movie one of a kind!
How about all the Superheros? Characters  like ... Batman, the Joker, Cat Woman etc... all wonderful costumes created by creative costume designs.
Do you remember American Gigolo?

Armani was the genius behind his style!  He opened the door for many more designer to come and create beautiful memorable designs! 

Did you not love Alice in Wonderland?The costumes were amazing! A world of fantasy and fun!

Where you amazed like me watching Marie Antoinette ? The details were stunning from the hair to the shoe I call the costume design perfection with decadence! 

I loved Elizabeth- The Golden Age... wonderful costumes and Collars to die for that made a lasting impression on the catwalks! 

But let's not forget Sex and the City - all! But the one that I find marvelous is Sex and the City 2 

Memoirs of  a Geisha.... a magic world is right in front of us! Great kimonos, cheery flowers like snow and paper umbrellas to die for....

Great costume designers invite us into a world of dreams and create a new vibrant style! We can thank 

                                         Colleen Atwood, 

Patricia Fields, 

Edith Head, 

Jean Louise, 

Helen Rose... 
and the list goes on and on! 

Do you have a fav costume designer? I can't make up my mind! They are all great and unique and make us believe in style, elegance, glamour etc....


  1. I absolutely do! I love the work of Colleen Atwood. I also absolutely adore the work of Cecil Beaton - I think he was a true genius of his time and left tremendous legacy. People like him become Icons in the Fashion History.

  2. Amazing costumes and designers!
    Love this post!


  3. I love Alice in Wonderland and I get very inspired by the "Alice in Wonderland" fashion designs. Great post. ;)

  4. Dear Anya :) like you I love the work of Colleen Atwood and Cecil.... left a legacy I learned a lot about elegance .. he could transform everything in elegance! :)

    Couture Carrie Thanks dear!:)

    I love Alice in Wonderland as well creativefashionglee:) thanks!

    I am glad you all had fun with the post!


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