Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recycle in style!

Sometimes we need to make a simple gift special. I have a collection of fashion magazines and I always wanted to do something with all the colorful stylish pages... but what? 
One day I needed some envelopes and and I wanted them to stand out in the crowd! What to do, what to do...???
How about a stylish Vogue square chic envelope??!!!!
It is great for almost every occasion! You need a card for a B'day party, or you need to invite your stylish girlfriends to a little event? Why not invite them in style?

The envelope is square and stands out from all the standard envelopes! I used the British Vogue to create the envelopes. 

The envelope is 4 X 4 inch and has a bow design to seal it. You can place your invitation or note in the middle of the envelope and close the sides, overlap the bottom part of the envelope and seal it with the upper bow part. 

If you are interested int he vogue chic envelopes pop in my shop and have a look! 


  1. Lorena ... I've missed you too! You now have an etsy store ... how cool is that! Hold on ... visiting!


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