Sunday, July 31, 2011


Is she not divine?.... Countless times she made the cover...  and one more Vogue issue... August 2011 How can you  not love the contemporary divine stylish look of Marlene...? Is Kate the right model for it? Yes, she is because she is so flexible, old school when it comes to fashion and shoots. The thin eye brows that gives the look a finish touch is a must. Maybe it will be trendy again... You can get the look with just a little foundation, a dark pencil and a good study hand! 

Her look is pure romance, Casablanca, tragedy, love, a time when smoking a cigarette was mysterious and fresh. A chic 40's lady who knows what she wants in time of war and danger. 

A hemline sewn to  perfection and lipstick red as blood. Image Europe, melancholic... the streets of Paris covered with ladies dressed like Kate. Marlene is giving the tone...pain, style, elegance. The style is pulled up to perfection but it looks effortless, we need that look today... We need to be feminine again! 

The hair... simple chic no perfection as the clothes. A little volume and easy to recreate. Play with volume mousse, blow dry it and scoop it up. It will give you a very feminine grown up look. 

Show your curves, be again a woman and enjoy. Accessorize with gold or silver- Art Deco can't be wrong. The French Beret is a must! I would not call Kate a heroine, but there is something about her look that fits great with the designs of M Kors, Donna Karan, Miu Miu, T Ford etc...

Mario Testino did again a wonderful job. The images are beautiful and capture the spirit. The glamour factor is high. We enjoy pure elegance, style, high fashion and get the vibe of the 40's again. 


  1. very nice Kate... nicklesand her red shirt.....

  2. She is amazing! Love her expression on the Cover! WoW!

  3. Fabulously great photos and Kate is amazing here!!!


  4. Oh my... her beauty hurts my eyes..
    Love her
    Lee x

  5. She is so gorgeous!
    Love these looks!


  6. Beautiful and enchanting images. Testino is still the master.

  7. Wow! You did a great work! I love it! BTW, if you have etsy coupon you can share your coupon at


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