Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guest blogger wanted!

I would love to introduce to all my followers a new blog! So I am looking  for a wonderful unique passionate guest blogger! 
You can tell your story in my blog, or you can advertise your fashion, your shop etc.... I am looking for a passionate person with style and creativity! 
If you think you can be all that and have fun writing about what you love, be my guest! 

Post a comment on the blog and let me know what you want to blog about! I will read all of your posts and pick a winner! 
You have time till 15th June  to enter! 
Leave your email address so I can contact you! 
Good luck and be unique!  


  1. Hi darling,
    I would love to do a guest post on swimwear!


  2. I would love to! On glamour of course! xo

  3. The dress of the lady in the snap is looking amazing, i really liked this blog at all.bridesmaid dresses


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