Monday, March 7, 2011

Sans drama...

A collection without the designer... The fashion house Dior is moving on.... Celebrities in the front row, the usual hectic in the back... and life goes on! Well, it's not that easy this time. Not all the people showed up that  are usually fighting to be at a Dior show and have a look at the new Galliano creations!
What you find are the fashion people A Wintour, Mario Testino etc...

And what do you find now, well security galore and Dior PR all over! It's a Bitter-sweet Note for a creative mind like Galliano. I can imagine a surreal atmosphere and a strange feeling in the air.
A lovely mix of leather and romantic mini skirts, kimono inspiration and lace dresses made his last collection beautiful and unique as always. The collection shows no mood swings or gives you a hint about the drama behind the scenes.
The music seams to give a small hint at the end... "I used to rule the world"... by Coldplay Viva la Vida!
Sad that a great artistic mind is ending like that. A career in DUST and a new image that nobody wants.

C'est la vie! 


  1. This is just VERY sad,sombre situation in fashion world...Dior company without Galliano...


  2. Quite shocking and such a genius too!

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  4. That's a very sad news...
    I love his designs! Hope people will always remember his gorgeous collections.

  5. Hopefully Dior can put this sad chapter behind them soon.

  6. C'est la Vie Vrai!!! J'aime boucoup!
    Follow me and I'll follow you!
    Thanks! Amanda

  7. Thanks for the great info. I haven't really been keeping up. I do love the first dress. The color is lovely! So sad with fashion houses go under changes.


  8. It's all quite shocking and sad...

  9. Hey guys, thank you for reading my post! It is very shocking and sad what is happening in the fashion world right now and I have to say that I never expected something like that! I will always remember his beautiful unique collections!


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