Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Apartment 86! Fashion show!

Dear Auckland -fashionistas if you want to shop smart and stand out in the Auckland fashion scene,  I would like to introduce to you a very special lady....
Here name is Linda Chandler my dear  friend and  the owner of the fabulous colourful boutique Apartment 86! http://www.apt86.co.nz

Her boutique is going strong over the years and brings chic classic styles from the various international designers to the local fashionista!
This post will not only show you more about the fashion scene in Auckland it will give you a chance to go to a great summer fashion show and meet the gorgeous owner.

So, let's start with the interview! 

Q: Give us a brief introduction about yourself! 
 L: I'm a stylist and citizen of the world

Q: The name of your boutique is unique in Auckland, NZ. Tell us the story behind...What is the inspiration behind the name Apartment 86?
L: 86 street in Manhattan is where I met my kiwi husband Grant. :) 

Q: How would you describe the signature of APT 86? 
 L: I would say it's an intermix of designers from the States and Europe. 

Q: What made you decide to open an boutique and what challenges do you face as a business owner?
 L: I think the challenge is to have the local women understand how to dress age appropriate and to have confidence with colour. I wanted to open and show Auckland it’s ok to have choice in fashion, of course it quite passé to wear only one type of designer. It’s all about individuality and not following but leading!   

Q: Your boutique is very unique and innovative for Auckland NZ. How do you select the brands and merchandise for your boutique? What labels can we find in your boutique? What labels can we find in your boutique?
L: I consider APT 86 to have become a destination boutique over the last three and half years now because I carry brands that are out of the norm here in Auckland . These are styles for the women you enjoy international travel and aren’t worried about what other people think about them. Current labels are Jax, Nicole Miller, Miroa, Ellen Tracy, to name a few.

Q: Do you have a fashion slogan that you follow?
L: Trends fade style is eternal “ysl”
Q: Describe your own personal style.
L:  My style is more about my mood for that day or a certain character like Diana Ross in the movie Mahogany. A bit of everything but done with class (of course).

Q:What are your styling tips?
L:  As we get older it’s important to not follow trends. It’s more important to stay true to yourself. Keep the basics that you can wear every year. Like the perfect white button down blouse with a few cardigan sweatersballet flats,kitten heels and a great multi colour neck scarf, great pair of dark blue jeans, black pants, it’s important to point out that women over 35 should shy away from too many dark colours near the face as this most certainly ages you. Some how the wearing black is “sliming” has turned into wearing black makes you look younger? Because it looks sophisticated? Yeah only in your 20’s! soft black should be replaced with softer colours like camels, tan’s, brown’s even reds and plums. I can’t stress enough on how old it makes most women look.

Q: Where do you want to be in 5 years? 
L: I would have liked to truly perfect my craft of styling, but then again fashion changes everyday. We can only do what make us happy.

And, curious so far  Auckland? 
Come and enjoy a great summer fashion event!

Time: 04 December ( 18:30 - 22:30)
Location:   Crossroads 2-6 Ponsonby Road
What else you need to know! No cover charge: but nice goodie bags!

So be smart and do not miss a great show and fabulous goodie bags! 

So where do you shop for unique fashion in Auckland? -Exactly Apartment 86! 

See you at the show Auckland fashionistas! 


  1. Sounds fun! I love the new layout of your blog! xo

  2. Thanks for the intro. Looks like a great place to shop

  3. Beautiful post! And gorgeous makeover to your Blog! Really enjoyed this introduction.

  4. Awesome interview. She sounds amazing!


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