Saturday, September 25, 2010

NZ fashion week 2010

Well, fashion week is over today and again NZ celebrated fashion. The Viaduct was a beautiful location and it was a great atmosphere just a bit windy and rainy- but that's Auckland for you in September!

A decade of fashion week was celebrated in Auckland. It was fun and interesting. Designer Sera Lily was using street models for her show! It was a great idea to show regular people from the street. Lovely! 

What else can I tell you??? I have seen the Mena show, Liz Mitchel, Whiri, and Turet Knuefermann! 

 Turet Knuefermann

 Liz Mitchel

One of my fav designers came to NZ- Nicole Miller is in town! 
Her fashion show was great and again she rocked the stage! 
 Nicole Miller

Of course there where other talented designers taking part at this great event! Let's not forget the amazing shows put together by Trelice Cooper and the Carpenter's Daughter! 
Apart from the Trelice Coooper Women she had an amazing Trelice Cooper Kids show! A dreamland for every kid! It just made you smile! 

 The Carpenter's Daughter 

So, dear blogetts, from NZ did you went to the fashion week? Tell me your impressions! 
Have fun with your style! 


  1. How lucky you got to go to those shows. I went last year but could'nt make it this year.

  2. Hi MarchMusings :) I did not make it last year :( was at home in Germany. So how was it last year? It was a fun fashion week. Maybe we see us next year :)

  3. The Nicole Miller dress is amazing!

  4. Sound like an amazing experience! Fashion shows during Global Fashion Weeks always charged with so much talent and creative energy. You are one lucky girl.:-)))

  5. Loooove it :))))

  6. Fantastic runway selections, darling!



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