Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shop the good way!

Like all women I love shopping and I could go crazy in the mall or the million boutiques out there! Don't we all???? We want them all!

But there must be a smart way  shopping! 
Let me tell you how I shop. First of all what kind of shopping are you going for? Exclusive boutiques, the mall,   the outlets....??? Make up your mind in time and try to focus one that that. You can look online for special items your heart desires!  
Sure you want to be her and just point out !  or how about her?  But well, LIFE is not a movie and nothing looks that easy in reality! We do not have the perfect body the the perfect plastic to pay for all the fun. No money, no funny! 

Plan your outfit before you go shopping. No, it's not a joke! Make sure you are very comfortable! The last thing you need is to be worry about your outfit. Make sure you have the right bra and the perfect fit panties so you can try clothes on! Do not wear heavy & complicated clothes. It will make it easy on you when you start the changing marathon. 
Before you even think about buying new clothes, make sure you know your size. You can measure yourself or ask a friend to help you out. If you still not sure about do not be shy and ask in a clothing store or boutique I am sure somebody can help you out! 

Ok,  after we have the perfect outfit on the shopping can start! 

Plan the budget and stick to it! I know it's hard but you will be happy later on! 

I have just a few tips that mid help. 

First of all if you have a budget and you know you can go easy over Bord, the best way is to shop with CASH and CASH only!!!! No more cash, shopping is done for you! 
If you are still low on money plan a shopping saving. Every month try to put some money away just for your shopping!
NOT every item is a MUST_HAVE! Keep in mind that trends come and go!Make sure you buy what you really would wear and not something that will die in your closet! 

Hit the discount chains! Go for the sale and mix your outfit make it your own and unique! 

I love sales! And I am a fan of T.J.Maxx and Target ! 
I know it's damn hard but shop out of season!!! I mean it! You still get the trends and the looks, but for less less very less! 
Shop for spring & summer in fall, and for winter and in summer! Choose looks that look great on you and that last more than one season! Be a smart shopper! 
If you want to play the game right, go for online bargain deals! Get newsletters from shops! It will make it easy for you and your shopping day, from A -Z! 
Do not rush, it's your day, enjoy! 
Build your wardrobe and think about what is in your closet and what you need to add and mix up! 
Have in mind the look you are going for! Do not be all over the place and pick in all directions! 
And never, never buy a smaller size coz you will loose weight ! Honey, it will never happen! 

I wish a great relaxing time shopping! 



  1. I am focused shopper. I walk in, skim the room and get all the things I want (or can).


  2. These are all great tips. I should try shopping with cash only. My credit cards have been known to get me into trouble!

  3. Thank you so much,darling Lorena for you great tips about a shopping:-)*

    I go to the shop when sale is has began...

    Wish you too fabulous last summer days,

  4. Great tips. I'll have to take some of them to heart. I'm a guy who loves shopping. Just don't always have the money to buy all I want.

  5. I too love shopping and always have a running list of items I am looking for each season. I usually get suckered in to a pair of shoes every trip also!! xoxo

  6. Nice tips! This would've saved me a lot of money last week haha


  7. Ocolescmagazinele mari.In ultimii ani am inceput sa colind SH-urile.Am gasit multe comori la second. ;)


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